Great Tips for Memorable Baby Shower Gifts

I never realized how complicated buying a baby shower present could be. I always loved to shop for the gifts before I had a baby. Unknown to me, I actually thought I knew the best things to get. You just pull up the registry and get something. This is a full proof way o make sure you get something the new mommy wants. However, let me propose another idea.

I have a 13 month old little girl. When I was pregnant, I had 3 baby showers. I was very fortunate and my friends and co-workers were very generous. I didn’t have to buy any clothes or onezies for about 6 months. I also found out, after my showers and registry completion, which I didn’t know what to register for when my daughter grew a little.

These are some of my tips on baby shower gifts that I give friends when they ask:

  1. How much I spend depends on how well I know the person. If it is an acquaintance, I usually spend $20-$25. If it is a close girlfriend, I usually spend a little more. I also keep some basic stuff on hand and buy it when it goes on sale. That way it is cheaper. Those items are infant Tylenol and gas drops.
  2. I start buying for close friends when they are about 4 months along. This way I can spend a little more and not feel it so bad in the wallet.
  3. I always start out with a basic set for everybody. This consists of diapers, infant Tylenol, and gas drops. Usually I can find a box of wipes on sale and include a couple of packages.
  4. Other items I try to include off the registry are things that the baby will need later on. Such items are usually spoons that change colors when too hot, sippy cups, other feeding items, and bibs that are for when the baby starts eating solids as opposed to the adorable drooling bibs that the new mommy will probably get a ton of. I have found that these are very much needed and are usually not purchased off the registry as they are not “cute” gifts to give.
  5. Filler items that I can usually find for $1 or less are teething rings, socks, generic bottles (make sure you get the right size nipple neck the new mommy registered for), and toys/rattles.
  6. Things I don’t get are onezies, cute drooling bibs, towels, washrags, and outfits. I have found by going to many showers and by my own experience, that the new mommy gets plenty of these whether she has registered for them or not.
  7. Diapers are an item all to themselves. I loved getting all kinds of diapers. That way I got to try different brands without having to buy them myself. I do have a confession, however. I was so blessed that when I figured out that only Pampers didn’t leak or break out my little girl, I returned $105 worth of unopened diapers to Wal-Mart. So I don’t worry about whether I look cheap or not when I buy different kinds of diapers.

Here are some tips I would give the new mommy that I learned the hard way. I made the mistake of washing all my new clothes as soon as I received them. I would whole-heartedly recommend not washing anything until you are all done with your showers. I probably would have exchanged some onezies for other things I needed but didn’t get but couldn’t because I washed everything as soon as I got them. I also received duplicates but didn’t realize it until I had washed both items. I could have exchanged these as well. I also saved all of my shower bags and have used them for other baby showers that I have been invited to since then. This allows you to spend a little more on the gift since you don’t have to spend anything wrapping it.

I hope you have a great time buying for your baby shower. It is one of my favorite gifts to buy. New mommies are so appreciative of anything they get. I know I was. Not to mention that they are usually starting off with a clean slate and have nothing to begin with. Maybe these tips can help you buy the best gift sets you know the new mommy will love. I have gotten lots of complements even though I never buy the “cute” stuff.

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