Great Ways to Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat

There is a reason that we call them the dog days of summer. Summer is one season that is often wished for and sought only to have everyone breathe a small sigh of relief when it is over. The summer heat can be brutal to the unsuspecting and unaware. Hopefully, you will find plenty of great ways to keep your cool this summer in the suggestions below in order to prolong the initial joy that many of us experience upon summer’s arrival each year.

Get Out of the Kitchen

First of all, you should consider the various sources of heat around your home that can be eliminated. Cooking is often a heavy-duty culprit to your mission of keeping cool during those long hot summer days. The days are longer, the sun seems to have triple strength when it comes to heat giving rays, and there really are very few cool spots within your day. Cooking not only makes your kitchen, and your house in general feel warmer, but it also makes the costs of keeping your home cool much greater. Incorporate meals that are best served cold into your menu planning, make copious use of your crock pot or slow cooker, and cook outside whenever possible to avoid adding to the heat of summer inside your home.

Make a Splash!

There are many fun ways to cool off from the summer heat. Swimming is a great way to do so but so are jet skiing, water skiing, car washing, sprinkler running, water gun war, and slippery sliding. Make up your own wonderful way for cooling off in the summer heat and see just how much fun you can have in the process. Be a kid again and make Popsicles with Kool-Aid or pop a few grapes into the freezer. Go buy snow cones or Icees (anyone remember the Snoopy Snow Cone Makers?). You should also create a repertoire of great smoothie recipes. Make your blender your most loved summer tool for staying cool in your kitchen (next to your ice maker of course).

Do it on the Cheap

While the knee jerk reaction to soaring temperatures of summer is often to send your energy bill soaring right along side them. Take a moment to see how you can lower your energy consumption without melting the circuit breaker and while keeping things nice and cool. Use fans that consume less energy than air conditioners in order to move the air within your home. This will help keep your home feeling cool. It is a great idea to use fans in conjunction with an air conditioner in order to maximize the coolness of your home while keeping your energy bills in check to some degree.

Kooler Bandana

If you truly find yourself at wits end when dealing with the long hot days that are the hallmark of summer in the south you might want to try a Kooler Bandana. These bandanas come in a few great shades for a little selection and help you keep your cool no matter how high the temperature gets. The secret for the cooling success of these bandanas lies in the crystals that absorb and hold water and release the water slowly over time in order to make you feel cooler and more comfortable. Not only can you find Kooler Bandanas for humans but also for your dogs that have trouble adjusting to the heat of summer as well. The cost of these bandanas is currently $10 and for that price they are an excellent investment.

No matter how you choose to cool off this summer, remember to have fun and enjoy the summer. Like all of life’s seasons it is far too fleeting.

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