Great Ways to Recycle the Plastic Bags from Your Newspaper

Whether you just get the Sunday paper or are a daily subscriber, you are frequently bombarded with those plastic bags that cover your newspaper. Most people just slide the newspaper out of the plastic bag and toss it to the trash, but this is not necessary. There are some great uses for those plastic bags. Check out these ideas to recycle those bags instead of tossing away such a valuable resource.

Perfect for Pooch

If you walk your dog around the neighborhood, it is always a good idea to keep a pickup bag with you at all times. Whether your goal is for Fido to do his business on the walk or not, it happens. Don’t leave a mess. Pick it up.

The plastic bag that covers your newspaper is the perfect size for this messy job. The bags are lightweight and easy to store in a purse or pocket. Simply store a stash of the plastic bags near the door for convenience. Grab a bag on your way out for the walk with your furry friend.

Great for Rainy Days

On Those rainy days, you use your umbrella outside, then what can you do with it? You enter a building and your umbrella is dripping wet. Nobody wants to carry around this sloppy umbrella and toss water everywhere.

Keep one of the plastic newspaper bags in your purse or coat pocket just for moments like these. An umbrella will fit nicely inside of the bag. The wet umbrella will stay inside the bag and off of your clothes or purse.

Of course, do not leave your wet umbrella inside the plastic bag any longer than necessary. Doing so will only ruin the umbrella, but it is great for short-term use.

Stash Your Swimsuit

For those days at the beach or water park, bring along some newspaper bags. Each person can store their wet swimsuit in the bag for the trip home. The plastic bag from the newspaper is just the right size to stash your bikini or swim trunks.

Diaper Bag Duty

What mom doesn’t have a diaper bag full of necessities for baby? One of the items that should always be in the diaper bag is the newspaper plastic bag. This item is perfect for so many reasons. The bag can hold a complete clean set of clothes for baby in a convenient pouch. Whenever you need a quick change for your son or daughter, the entire outfit is handy and convenient. No more fumbling around for the missing pair of socks or baby bonnet.

All babies make little messes. Sometimes, they make big messes. You never know when a plastic bag will come in handy. The bag from your newspaper is great for those little messes.

The bag from your newspaper is the right size to stash dirty clothes. If the baby gets sick on their outfit, put the soiled garments in the bag and tie it closed. This will help you easily identify the dirty clothes from the clean ones.

Save some money on those expensive bags to wrap up dirty diapers. Use the bag from your newspapers instead. You can easily wrap any dirty diaper in the bag to shut out any odor.

You may have overlooked the many uses for the plastic bag that comes with your newspaper, but today, that has changed. Recycle those plastic bags to help save money and the environment.

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