Green Cleaning Products from Your Kitchen

I wish that I could say I lived completely green and that was why you will find homemade cleaning products in my house. However, if you find me using odd combinations of things I found in my kitchen, it is more likely that I ran out of cleaning products and my mother-in-law is five minutes away from a drop-in visit. I hate to admit it but more than a few times these homemade cleaning solutions have saved me when I needed to do a quick cleaning before company arrived and I was out of commercial cleaning products. They work great and are actually cheaper than the commercial products and less harmful to the environment.

Dry Sweeper Cloths – I grab a paper towel, pop it on the end of my dry sweeper and run over the floors before mom-in-law has a chance to comment on how wonderful it must be to be so busy you do not have time to sweep the floors. The grooves in the paper towels work like the pockets in the refill covers to pick up dust and dirt. I also found that dust rags work well too but do not snap in as easily as the paper towels – – rubber bands will hold these on the dry sweeper.

Soft scrubber – My mother-in-law also inspects my shower when she comes over so a quick cleaning is necessary. If I am out of cleaner, I mix ½ cup of baking soda with some liquid detergent to make a paste. Scrub bathroom or kitchen surfaces with a sponge and rinse clean.

Window cleaner – Pour two cups of water into a spray bottle and add one-fourth teaspoon of liquid detergent and three tablespoons of white vinegar. Shake gently and use to clean windows for streak-free finishes.

Furniture polish – Combine one-quarter cup of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil for a great polish for wood. The lemon juice cuts through the dust and dirt while the oil protects the wood.

Deodorizer – Mom-in-law has allergies so I cannot use anything she can smell to freshen the furniture before she comes over. I grab my vodka (take a shot for me first), pour some in a spray bottle (2/3 full), top with water and use this to spray the furniture. Vodka acts as a natural deodorizer but without the scent. It also is a great polisher for sinks and faucets.

By the time my mother-in-law pulls into the driveway, I am feeling a bit better (the shot of vodka didn’t hurt) because the house looks fresh and clean. I know she will find something to complain about; however, I feel good that I could manage even when I run out of cleaning supplies.


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