Grooming-An Essential Part of Keeping Your Pit Bull Healthy

As any loving Pit Bull owner or breeder will tell you, learning how to groom your Pit Bull and making sure it is done often can be a key element to keeping him healthy and happy. As you probably already have learned by now, ensuring your Pit Bull’s health can definitely be a very time consuming and often expensive task. Out of all the different breeds of dogs out there, the Pit Bull probably is the most demanding on the time of the owner, mostly in part due to the huge amount of love and attention it takes to keep them happy. Of course, there are also the routine checkups with your Pit Bull’s favorite person, the veterinarian, which can be a financial drain, and also the training they require to make them a well rounded pet, which can be expensive unless you do it yourself, therefore making a bigger drain on your free time. Just as important, you should spend a lot of time making certain your Pit Bull is well groomed and clean.

A Pit Bull that is well maintained is often healthier than the Pit Bull that is allowed to run free and dirty with little or no maintenance done. The time you spend with your Pit Bull, regardless of the task, helps you develop a better relationship with him, which is a key element in keeping you both happy. When you plan the first grooming session for your Pit Bull, you should probably check with your local per store or veterinarian for a list of the supplies you will need. You should most likely purchase shampoo and a brush or comb. You should also of course have plenty of towels at the ready as well. Being prepared is going to be an important factor that will determine the outcome of the first grooming episode. Personally, I don’t think any Pit Bull owner would be happy to wrestle him into the tub, only to find out they don’t have the supplies they need at the ready and have to start all over again.

As with any new thing you introduce, try not to be upset if your Pit Bull doesn’t immediately fall in love with the whole grooming routine. It may take some time, and a few sessions, but eventually he will accept it, even if he doesn’t like it very well. To make grooming easier for you both, you may want to try using a wide toothed comb. Starting at your Pit Bull’s head, work your way to his tail, being careful to inspect him for any signs of fleas or ticks, any hair tangles, or anything odd with his skin, which will help alert you to any possible problems that should be handled before they develop into a bigger issue. As with your own health, catching potential problems earlier can make them much easier to treat. You can remove any loose hairs by gently brushing your Pit Bull with a wire brush all over, eliminating shedding and making bathing easier.

You should take the time to learn how to take care of your Pit Bull’s ears as well as his skin. Every time you brush or do any grooming, you need to be certain to check his ears, looking for anything out of the ordinary that might indicate a possible infection or parasite infestation. Your veterinarian or local pet groomer can help teach you the correct and most effective way to do this and what you should look for. They can also suggest an ear wash that you can use that will help in cleaning any wax or debris from the ears, to help prevent infection or problems. Never try to get inside your Pit Bull’s ear canal with any swab or your finger, as you could possibly hit something that could permanently damage his hearing ability. This is a good time to check for anything that might be odd or troubling, and alert your veterinarian. As with humans, ear infections and problems can be extremely painful, not to mention just plain irritating, so you should do everything you can to prevent them.

Another essential grooming step, is your Pit Bulls nails. They should always be kept neatly trimmed, to protect his feet from injury. It probably will not be easy to get your Pit Bull to accept this grooming ritual, but ignoring this step can cause him a lot of potential problems. Long nails can grow into the skin, causing ingrown nails and infections. If you are extremely nervous about this task, or if your Pit Bull simply won’t allow you to do it, you should ask your veterinarian for help, or take him to a professional groomer to have it done. It will be more cost effective to pay a groomer, than to pay a veterinarian to treat any problems that develop from ignoring your Pit Bull’s nail care. Try to check his nails at least one time a week, depending on how fast they usually grow.

It is important to keep your Pit Bull well groomed and clean for the obvious reasons, but more importantly, for his health as well. Your weekly grooming sessions can also be used as a time to check him for any potential health problems, and spotting these early is a definite plus to both you and your Pit Bulls. Remember, without treatment, the small things often turn into major issues that can put your precious pet’s health at stake. As a Pit Bull owner, you are his protection, friend, and caregiver, and it is your responsibility to do everything you can to make sure he is healthy and happy for years to come.

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