Grown Up Kids Still Living at Home

In the recent movie Failure to Launch the concept of still living with your parents as an adult was seen as surprising. The truth be known it is a lot more common than people think. It use to be the way that marriage occurred at a young age and a college education was rare. In essence after high school it was straight off to work at 17 or 18. Nowadays the picture is somewhat different with a college education rated so highly and career often rated higher than love. On top of that the job market has become competitive so holding down a job and paying rent can put a lot of strain on a young person. Also many young people return from college with a hefty student loan so are looking to cut costs in anyway they can. The end result is more and more of 20’s and 30’s are still living at home after college.

The simple fact is it is easier to live at home without all the pressures of bills and rent. It seems though by choosing to live at home after college in a way defeats the purpose of college. One of the major purposes of college is gaining independence. It seems though many young people do not gain enough independence during the college experience. Another important aspect is there romantic situation those who are thinking of marriage are likely to want to live alone. Although I understand the reasons for wanting to live with your parents I see it as a bit of a backward step. After college I would expect a young person to want to step out on their own. Moving back in with your parents seems that no real progress has been made during college from a personal development point of view. I also think the experience of living alone should be at a young age. The reason I say this is because when two people get married they need to support each other. Its is important that you have knowledge on supporting yourself before supporting another person.

I think anyone considering moving back in with there parents should consider this decision carefully. Although it may seem like a convenient option it may not be in their best interests. Being independent and self sufficient are desirable characteristics and by living with your parents may show a lack of confidence. On top of that there will be a real sense of accomplishment to successfully manage all aspects of your life.

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