Guide To Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are nice to have for protection. It gives us a sense of more security in a home or commercial building. They usually consist of a keypad in the house and then a panic button placed somewhere else in the house. Burglar alarms usually have white motion detectors placed around the doors within the house. They have options such as silent alarms or noisy alarms. A noisy one will help the intruder leave your house quickly. The extremely noisy alarm will also help reduce the amount of stolen items that an intruder takes.

One thing that are good about them is that if they are ever completely turned off or removed from the wall plug then the company along with police will be notified. Security does help us sleep better at night knowing that we are protected from intruders. They usually detect fires also. Medical help is usually also included each month with the service.

They are very affordable to have installed and the monthly service fees aren’t very expensive. There is a variety of different ones to choose from that is best for your family. The companies also have wireless and hard wired ones. The number one company for alarms is ADT. You can find out more information about ADT at on their company website. They have a variety of different choices perfect for your family.

They can have many features such as breaking glass detectors so if the windows are broken then it will go off. They also have other options such as detectors on screens on windows just in case they are ever cut or removed then it will go off. They usually have smoke detectors also.

They can also include pressure mats that are placed on the floor that can detect foot movement. Some of these companies also give you the option of having video camera’s placed outside of your house or inside of your house. You can also have the video camera’s monitored 24 hours a day. Another thing that is great about it is that you have the option of having audio on it too. Audio on them means that if the alarm goes off then audio is on so then the company can hear any talking that is going on in the house.

Most companies contact the police immediately when the alarm goes off. Some alarm companies don’t even call you when it goes off they just send police over right away or fire department depending upon what type of activity was detected. When a false alarm happens then the company usually charges you a fee and then the police usually charge you a small fee due to a mistake. It happen sometimes due to not pushing the correct button or simple just forgetting to push the buttons of the secret code in fast enough.

The only flaw in these is the fact that they don’t have another secret code available to women to notify the police somehow by a silent alarm if domestic violence was happening. It makes people wonder how they are suppose to protect themselves if domestic violence is happening when the spouse or boyfriend would know the regular code to make sure the alarm doesn’t go off.

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