Guide to Annual Halloween Activities for Babies

Like most Americans we love Halloween, the holiday of spooks and frights, candy and of course “Trick-Or-Treating”. But what about those of you with new little babies that are just too young to be taking out “Trick-Or-Treating”, or to young to get in to the Halloween spirit?

Well there are plenty of great things for you to do to make your babies Halloween just as fun and festive without the hustle and bustle the late night crowd of “Trick-or-Treating” children such as; Throwing a party at your house, you could invite close family and friends to come to your home to celebrate the holiday with you and your baby. To throw a party at your own home, you could decorate with Halloween colors and accessories. You could also have snacks and grab bags of candy in case your friends or relatives bring children of their own. You can create simple games for everyone to play, to keep everyone entertained.

Another extremely cute idea, is after the Halloween party, take your babies costume if it were an animal, flower, or insect of some sort, you can turn the costume into a stuffed animal so you can save it as a keepsake for many years to come.

Another wonderful thing to do with your baby on Halloween to expose your baby to new and different sights and sounds, and really to a variety of new people to keep their little baby minds and brains working and learning constantly, is to take them “Trick-or-Treating” to retirement or assisted living homes, and not only will it widen your babies horizon of seeing exciting new faces, but it will bring great happiness to the elderly people you go to visit.

And speaking or widening your babies’ horizon, try taking your baby to a Zoo on Halloween, babies love animals and a zoo is perfect for children on Halloween, at most zoo’s the staff even dresses up to celebrate the holiday.
The older children can “Trick-or-Treat” while you and your little ones can discover and enjoy all the new and exciting animals the zoo has to offer.

Churches are a wonderful place to take babies and children of all ages on Halloween, commonly they have an array of different fun games for children to play indoors and out.
Most mothers feel more comfortable taking their babies to churches on Halloween then any other place, so there are sure to be many other babies there for yours to play and interact with.

But if you really want to take your baby “Trick-or-Treating” on Halloween, dress your baby up in their costume and take them to friends and/or families houses, “Trick-or-Treating” at peoples houses that you know is a safe bet if safety is an issue for you.

But if you take your baby out “Trick-or-Treating” what on earth will you do with all the candy you receive? (Besides eating it yourself or course.) Well if you take your baby out earlier in the day to “Trick-or-Treat” you can use the extra candy your baby receives and pass it out to the little “Trick-or-Treaters” later that Halloween night.

We all know that once you dress your baby up in their cute little costume you aren’t going to want to take it off later, and who can blame you, babies are just too cute especially when they are all dressed up.
But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for you, so you don’t have to fear or fret taking off that cute little costume.
Take your baby to get their little portraits taken, so you can always remember and cherish how baby looked all dressed up on their first Halloween.

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