Guide to Learning About Diabetes Online

Do you know someone who has Diabetes or do you think you are at risk for having it and would like to know more about what it is? Then this is a guide to help you understand the affects and causes of Diabetes.

There are many misconceptions of Diabetes and what kind of people can get it. One of those misconceptions is that people who have diabetes are usually way over weight, and that is not exactly true. Although there are people who are over weight who are diabetic, there are also others who have it that are not over weight.

So what is Diabetes anyway? Wikipedia defines Diabetes as a medical disorder characterized by persistent variable of high blood sugar resulting either from inadequate secretion of the hormone insulin, an inadequate response by the body’s cells to insulin, or a combination of these factors.
One of the most helpful online resources that help explain diabetes further is yahoo health. There are two forms of Diabetes which are labeled as Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is the chronic form where there is no real cure. A person living with type 1 diabetes has a real challenge. This challenge includes persistently take and watching blood sugar levels, eating healthy foods, exercising daily, and usually having to give themselves a shot of insulin.

Some of the signs of Type 1 Diabetes include things such as being very thirsty, frequently having to urinate, being very hungry, losing a lot of weight in a short period of time, being more tired than usual, and having blurred vision.

Type 2 Diabetes is less extreme from type 1. Yet Type 2 is also chronic it can be maintained with a good diet, and watching blood sugar levels. A person with type 2 diabetes doesn’t necessarily have to take a shot of insulin. However, it is still a challenge for a person with type 2. Type 2 Diabetes also has similar symptoms that to type 1.

One of the hardest things for a person with diabetes is that it can be very emotionally hard and physically hard. Usually a person with diabetes has to give up eating foods that have a lot of sugar in them. It can also be very emotional because some diabetics have to give themselves a shot of insulin everyday just to stay alive.

The main concern with Diabetes these days are with children. Children are at a very high risk of getting diabetes because of the high sugar intake they receive from the foods they eat. Most children consume a high level of soda and candy on a daily basis. Organizations such at the American Association of Diabetes is trying to education families on the risk of diabetes. This association tries to promote healthy eating and less sugar consumption.

The best thing to do to make sure that you aren’t at risk for diabetes is to go to your doctor and get tested for it. They say that the risk is higher for females and children but it is still good to get tested. Usually when the doctors detect diabetes early there is a better chance of making sure it won’t develop into type 1. If you would like to know more about diabetes you can go to the yahoo health website, or you can also go to the American Association of Diabetes website as well.

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