Guide to Off-Campus Housing in Columbus, Ohio

Craigslist ( is the quickest and best way to find off-campus housing in Columbus, Ohio. You don’t even have to read the rest of this article, if you’re familiar with the Columbus area – just go straight to Craigslist and start clicking. For those of you sticking around for the rest of the tips, bookmark Craigslist (or better yet, make it your browser’s start page for easier access) and then keep reading.

For those who are new to Craigslist, this is going to be a great day! For those who already use this valuable tool, forgive the recap. People in dozens of cities across the United States and a few other countries post all kinds of ads on Craigslist every day. Today, we’re focusing on housing opportunities that are near the Ohio State University campus. The site’s design is easy to use; the ‘Housing’ section appears at the top of the page, between the ‘Community’ and ‘Jobs’ headings.

Once you have located the ‘Housing’ section, you can narrow down your search by choosing from the available options: apartments and housing, rooms and shared living arrangements, and sublets or temporary conditions. The most recently added posts display first and often include pictures of the properties, as well as rental conditions, prices, and location information. The search bar in Craigslist’s housing section is designed to help you find specifically what you’re looking for. You can use the search bar options and key words of your choice to narrow down the search results. Are you looking for a house in the Short North with 3+ bedrooms that allows both cats and dogs for less than $500.00 a month? If such a bargain existed, you would be able to find it on this Website. Now that you’ve got the right tool for the job, where do you want to live?

Columbus is a city with a lot of little neighborhoods or areas that are referred to in the most general of ways by the locals – this can be rough on new arrivals; particularly on students who are looking for an alternative to living on campus. Here are a few of the neighborhoods that are within driving, biking, walking, jogging, and crawling distance of the OSU campus.

Campus area: As the moniker suggests, this is the area surrounding the OSU campus, and the majority of students that opt for off-campus lifestyles end up renting in this neighborhood. There are hundreds of great apartments and houses in this area that are priced right for students. You can easily live in the campus area without a car and get to class using the public transit system (bus), a bike, or your own two feet.

Short North: This part of town is a local favorite, and is home to some of the best art galleries, locally owned shops, restaurants and bars in Columbus. The short north is nestled between The OSU campus area and the Victorian Village, and covers a small area, making it a high demand location.

Victorian Village: For the metro-hip student, this neighborhood sits between campus and downtown, and is both trendy and typically expensive to live in. The perks are worth it though, as everything you could want access to is within walking distance, including the annual location of the Columbus Community Festival, Goodale Park. The architecture is historic and charming; for those of you with a little more money to spend on living arrangements, this area won’t disappoint.

Clintonville: Just north of the campus area, Clintonville is one of Columbus’ neighborhoods that is in the process of being rejuvenated by property owners. Many properties in this neighborhood have been renovated and updated with new appliances, windows, and amenities. Property owners in this neighborhood often offer lower monthly rent amounts to attract students. Students looking for a bargain will likely find one here.

Upper Arlington: Originally planned as a country club district, this area of Columbus boasts historic architecture, and is reasonably close to OSU. Roughly four miles away from campus, this neighborhood covers about ten miles, and is largely residential.

German Village: Although farther away from campus than some of the other neighborhoods, this village is also a local favorite to OSU students and faculty. Located just south of downtown Columbus, the village boasts great German beer, food, and family-oriented living. Grad students looking for a more relaxed atmosphere will enjoy this historic community.

Grandview: While this neighborhood is the farthest away from the OSU campus of any mentioned in this article, it is reasonably priced and within ten minutes’ drive of campus. Offering a suburban feel, Grandview lies just southwest of campus, and is home to student-friendly stores, like Half Price Books.

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