Guitar Humidifiers Keep Guitars Safe from Humidity Damage

The best resonating guitars are made of wood. Unfortunately, during winter season or dry months dry indoor heating air or winter air can cause to humidity fall, damaging guitars (also acoustic guitars). Cold air holds less moisture. Low humidity causes dryness, leads to shrinkage of the wood, and wood finish cracks. Also, warping occurs and glue joints loosen or seams open. Similarly, violins and other hollow musical instruments, made of wood, encounter the same problem.

The humidity level preferable maintains 45 – 55 percent, and 65 – 80 degrees temperature Fahrenheit. If the humidity falls, below 40 percent, you risk damaging a guitar. A humidity gauge or “hygrometer” instrument, kept next to a guitar, measures humidity levels. Purchasing a guitar humidifier prevents damage, costly repair or replacement costs. These are available in a variety of styles, and the average price range from $9.99 – $140.00.

The Planet Waves Accousic Guitar Humidifier suspends strings, inside a guitar, from a humidifier, containing distilled water. Moisture is released, slowly and evenly, inside a guitar, without touching the instrument. Guitar Humidifiers are sold at music stores, and online websites, including:

Home made, guitar humidifiers save money. Take a small container: Example: 35 mm film canister, and punch a few holes in the lid. Place a damp sponge inside. Afterwards, place inside guitar’s headstock case, and not inside a closed compartment. Another solution, place guitar near a room humidifier.

A few precautions are necessary, using a guitar humidifier. Place a fabric softener tissue, inside the case, preventing musty or mold odor. Excessive, humidification causes, electric guitars oxidation, on the electrical contacts. Rubbing lemon oil, on the fingerboard, prevents oxidation damage. Guitar humidifiers should not seal, sound hole. If the humidity is below 40 percent, more than a few hours, a room humidifier is preferred. Never place a guitar, next to a room humidifier.

Proper transporting and storage, prevents humidity, damaging a guitar. Wrap a guitar inside an airtight plastic bag, when transporting in a car with heater or air conditioner on. This protects against excessive dryness, and seals in moisture. During transportation, avoid placing in direct sunlight.

Best place, storing a guitar inside a case. Kept inside a case, reduces or slows down moisture loss, in a humid environment. Don’t place a guitar on wall or shelf, since heat rises, and lowers humidity. When purchasing a guitar, check for any humidity damage, such as dryness. Some retail stores, poor humidity level, causes guitars to damage.

When a guitar is damage, because of high humidity. Depending, on the extent of damage, could be repaired. First, placing guitar in a properly controlled humidity environment or room, two weeks or at least a month. This stabilizes or prevents further damage. Afterwards, cracks and seams separation, repaired and reinforced.

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