Gustav Devastates Central Louisiana

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. My family and I moved south to Louisiana about eleven years ago. I have weathered tornadoes, droughts and ice storms and none of those compare to the devastation caused by one hurricane. With its far reaching winds and steady downpour of water from the sky, there is just no relief. Most people would assume that after the winds die down (several days later) and the rains stop (about a week) things will get back to normal. Oh contrar mofrar, that’s when the real devastation comes. When you have no air conditioning, water, food, no stores are open, no gas to be found, tress down all over your yard, power lines in the yard and pool, no cell phone reception (because the towers generators have run out of gas) and a sudden and overwhelming infestation of mosquitoes. You have to be certain kind of person to live in the south, you have to be resilient.

Is it worth it? Well the culture is thick, the food rich, the people warm and charming and you feel as though you are part of the past, present and never quite arriving future. We have never regretted our choice to move south and proudly call Alexandria home. Now all we have to do is find a cajun contractor that will help us move this tree out of our pool.

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