HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron

The HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron is a must have for anyone that wants to straighten their hair at home on a regular basis. I have tried several different hair straightening tools and this is the only one that has worked well on my long, naturally curly hair.

The HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron is more expensive than most of the other hair straightening tools on the market but it is definitely worth every penny. It heats up in less than a minute and the ceramic plates hold the heat well and seems to work better than other similar straightening irons that I have tried. The manufacturer says that it uses an infra-red heat and I can definitely tell that my hair is smoother and has a noticeable shine after I use the HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron. It is great to be able to get salon style hair or better at home.

The HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron has a variety of settings depending upon your hair type and condition. The high setting should only be used for coarse, hard to straighten hair. The manufacturer recommends the medium heat setting for regular use. While my hair is quite curly, I have only used the HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron on it’s medium setting and it has straightened my hair on the first attempt every time. If I could only have one hair straightening tool, this would be the one that I would choose.

My hair stylist uses a ceramic straightening iron on all of her clients but hers was much more expensive than the HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron. The great thing about it is that I think that I get better results at home with my HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron than when she straightens my hair with her expensive, professional brand straightening iron.

I would highly recommend spending the few extra dollars that the HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron costs because it will definitely be worth it in the long run. The other hair straightening tools that I have purchased do not even come close to giving me the results that the HAI does and it does it faster, with less damage to my hair. The HAI is well made and appears to be quite sturdy. The manufacturer offers a one year unlimited warranty. If anything happens to your HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron within the first year, you can simply return it for a new one.

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