HGTV’s Top 5 Shows Are Well Worth Viewing

With the current state of Television Entertainment progressing rapidly, there are a seemingly endless number of programs directed at every Group. However, few have been as successful or embraced by the Public as the line-up represented on HGTV. A very unique Television Network, HGTV has grown it’s viewer base on solid information, realistic applications, and very knowledgeable and personable hosts.

Offering programming on every possible subject pertaining to Home Ownership, HGTV is not only entertaining, but a wealth of valuable information on design, repairs and Real Estate tips for purchasing and selling. Featuring shows on do-it-yourself projects, home selling, design budgeting and much more, HGTV has evolved into a must see for anyone involved in Real Estate, as well as it’s financial speculation.

Cash In The Attic – Show host John Sencio look at featured homes to search for overlooked Family Heirlooms, possibly of great value and history. Appraisers Tim Luke and Christine Downing are very personable and knowledgeable of the topic, and give realistic appraisals. If the owners of the home are agreeable, the item is auctioned and the proceeds are applied toward a home project. Here are the top 5 HGTV Shows:

Curb Appeal – Hosted by Bill Duggan, Rick Spence, Sasha Andreev and Rick Schachner, this show features a homeowner with experts discussing a plan to improve curb appeal. After formulating a plan, they go to work to transform the Home’s exterior appeal.

Design On A Dime – An Excellent Show with tons of great design ideas. Teams of design experts make over a room on a $1000 budget, making very tasteful and innovative improvements.

Designed To Sell – This show is about how to improve a home’s resale value on a $2000 budget. A team of experts repair the house, and provide great tips for making more money in the Real Estate Market.

24 Hour Design – Host Angelo Surmelis works with carpenters Russ Hemmis and Chris Ashe to transform a house in less than 24 hours. Featuring design experts Wanda Colon and Shaina Fewell, they perform miracles on some well worn homes.

There are literally dozens more shows featured on HGTV, and all are well worth viewing, if only from an educational vantage point. Whether living in a home or an apartment, I’m certain you will find many brilliant design ideas you can use for little or no money.

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