Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is up and coming really fast. A few more days and it’s time to make a mad rush to the store and buy some candy and decorations. How much thought have you given to this Halloween? With the fast moving world today the entire thought of Halloween may have slipped your mind! No worries, you still have plenty of time.

Costumes are possibly the most exciting part of Halloween. Seeing all the trick-or-treaters dressed up in everything from Angles to Zebras. The sad thing is that most costumes are used every year. There are hardly any unique costumes on the market. Chances are you won’t find a completely original costume unless you go to a vendor that specifically sells these costumes, even then you will end up paying ungodly amounts of money for a costume that will only be worn once a year. If you want to go all out and be really elaborate with your costumes you don’t have to go to one of these places and pay a lot of money for costumes. Some of the best costume ideas do not even require a trip to the store! Here is a list of some really unique costume ideas for this coming Halloween.

The Hobo, the name fits this costume to a T. It’s so cheap that even a real hobo could afford it! What you want to do is take an old sweat shirt and sweat pants and cut a few holes them. Don’t over do and keep in mind about what the temperature is going to be like in your area, warmer locations should have more holes. The holes shouldn’t be perfectly round try to make them seem like they are unintentionally done. A good way to achieve this is to cut a small slit it in and then slowly pull it apart. Do this on both the shirt and the pants. The next thing you will want to do is get a piece of charcoal. Rub the charcoal in a few small patches all over the shirt and pants; make more spots on the pants. Don’t worry about cleaning your hands after you are done with the charcoal it’s now part of your costume. If you really want to go all out with this idea then smear some of the charcoal on your hands across your face. Typically you will want smudges around the cheeks and your chin. Once again, don’t over do it, if you smear too much you may just start looking like a dirty rag. Try to get a hold of a pair of really old shoes that fit. If you want you can even tear holes in your shoes, although it could result in ripping the shoe apart. As long as the shoe is still wearable its okay, the worse it looks the better. Now that we are done with that lets add some flare. Start by getting a bunch of old newspaper, you can ask just about anyone for old newspapers or take a tip up to your local store and grab a bunch of thrifty nickel magazines (they are free). Separate the pages and start wadding them up into small little trash balls. Try to get around 50-100 of these, you may or may not use them all. After you’re done with that, tuck your shirt in. Then start stuffing the wadded up newspaper down your shirt and let them build up around your belly. This will give the appearance of being overweight. Do the same thing around the buttock area. Don’t place the paper exactly over your buttocks; place them a little bit higher, almost in your lower back so you can sit comfortably. This version of a hobo is more of a comedic version. Its purpose is to bring a smile to peoples faces not be realistic.

The leftover, this can be done with a few sheets of tin-foil. It is rather simple. Start off with a sheet of tin-foil that is roughly the length of your arm. Crinkle it by wadding it up into a loose ball. Then carefully unfold it, be sure not to tear it. After that, wrap it around your arm from your shoulder to your wrists. Do the same for your other arm and your legs. Wrapping your upper body is going to a little more complicated. Starting from your waste begin wrapping and slowly work your way to just under your armpits. Once you get there tear off the tinfoil from the whole roll. From here you can either try to fill in the spots that are uncovered but it’s recommended to leave these spots uncovered to make it easier to move around. If you do cover those spots you risk tearing the tinfoil and possibly ruining the whole costume. It is up to you about how you want to go about doing the rest.

The Teeny-baby, this costume is used quite frequently with teenaged girls. It’s fairly simple and requires makeup and a pacifier or a baby bottle. If you have long hair you will want to either put it in pigtails or a pony tail. Pig tails usually work better with this costume. After you have done your hair up get some blush and apply a thick heavy layer to both of your cheeks. Make sure it gives you a bright reddish-pink color. Now, wearing diapers would be a bit extreme. Instead just use your night cloths, a teddy would be ideal for this, and bring a small blanket or pillow. The pacifier, or bottle, is just for an added affect but it usually makes the costume stick out to where people can really identify it.

Well there they are, cheap costume ideas that cost little to no cash out of your pocket. These are also great for last minute ideas.

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