Halloween Costume Ideas

Yes, it’s about time for Halloween, which means you’ll want to dress up your kids so no one will recognize them. But costumes don’t grow on tress you know. At least not in this hemisphere. So, we contacted Carlo DeCarlo, a famous fashion designer who almost made it to the semi-finals of the cable show “Out of the Closet.” He’s and he went right to work designing Halloween costumes.

We stopped by his shop where he was finishing up some last-minute costumes using a few rolls of duct tape. We were in time to see his models to show off his delightful creations. He was delighted beyond delight.

First up was Montana, who was a “scary, scary mummy, just like in the horror movies.” Apparently, this effect was achieved simply by wrapping him in said duct tape.

When I noted the fact that he was a silvery mummy, Carlo explained that Montana was a mummy from the Egyptian Silver Age. With that cleared up Carlo brought forth Stefan, who was dressed as a robot. “Very sci-fi,” noted Carlo, “very hi-tech.”

Upon seeing Stefan wrapped in duct tape I couldn’t help but notice he looked very much like the mummy. Carlo was quick to dismiss my fashion faux paus and presented Chaz done up as an astronaut in his space suit.

“No helmet?” I asked. Whereupon Carlo reminded me that Chaz was on earth. When I asked about the duct tape over his face Carlo replied, “Burns from a space accident.”

Next up was Vincent, with a “v”, who was make up as the beloved Tin man from the “Wizard of Oz.” Using nothing but duct tape. I was relieved when Carlo told me what he was supposed to be, because by this point I had no idea. I mean, he very much resembled the robot and mummy more than a bit. “My work is always open to interpretation,” Carlo responded. But he quickly presented the next few models as a mummified robot, a robotic astronaut and the Tin Man in space.

“And the last guy?”

“The Silver Surfer. We covered his surfboard with duct tape as well. All done with simple duct tape. Fabulous, no?”

So, there you have it. Some quick, easy, yet durable Halloween costumes. Pretty scary, huh?

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