Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Halloween is the time of year when you either get the joy of being sick from eating 3 garbage bags full of candy, or the chance to dress up in the most ridiculous costume you can think of and not get in trouble for it. However, whenever it comes around each year, it’s also provokes the challenge of wearing something cool/creative/funny enough to top what you were wearing last year. Below are some ideas for both males and females on what you can be for Halloween. Remember, these are just ideasâÂ?¦ improvise as much as possible and have fun doing it!


1. Buy a plastic Jason hockey mask and the closest cheap plastic toy blade that looks like his weapon. Then dress up in dark dirty jeans and dark ragged shirt. If you go to any good Halloween parties, I guarantee the sword with get broken/stolen within the first couple of hours, so it’s really just for the initially out-the-door show, and then it just kind of gets forgotten for the rest of the night. You don’t even have to wear the mask half the time, but put it on anytime anyone asks who you are and they WILL get freaked out once they are reminded of how much that hockey mask scared them back in the day.

2. If you have a spare trench coat and black sunglasses lying around – dress up like Neo from the Matrix! Style your hair like Keanu Reeves and anytime anyone asks who you are (like it’s hard to recognize Neo!) just pretend you are falling backwards off of a cliff to imitate “dodging bullets”.

3. Wear a white robe, sandals, and grow out a beard. Tell everyone you are the Son of God and that you love everyone. Not only will this create controversy and a lot of attention, you get to wear sandals and grow out your beard!

4. Dress up like Satan and then walked around holding hands with someone dressed up like Saddam Hussein�

5. Inspector Gadget – If you can pull this off with a trench coat, the hat, and all sorts of gadgetsâÂ?¦ you will win my respect forever.

6. Wear a robe and nothing else. I repeat� NOTHING else. When people ask, be creative. (No inappropriate behavior!)


1. Priestess/Goddess – Wear jewelry and style the costume out as much as you possibly can. You have to “radiate” wherever you goâÂ?¦ so wear lots of glitter and makeup that makes you shine. When asked what kind of priest you are, make up a denomination like “Goddess of Milan” or “Priestess of Akabala”. Try to get pictures of yourself playing an instrument while others kneel down in front you.

2. Cat in the Hat – Wear red and white stockings, hat, makeup, shirt, and then paint on some whiskers or wear fake ones. Only speak in Dr. Seuss phrases such as “Drink, I would like, Ma’am” or “Cat in the Hat, Yes I am”. Try to rhyme as much as you can. If you find someone on the street dressed up as a rapper, join in with them in a freestyle session. Make sure to correct any grammatical mistakes or ask to rephrase naughty words. Remember, you’re a children’s role model (and it would be funny).

3. Crayon – If you have a group of friends with you, get them all to dress up like a different color. Make sure the color matches their personality (i.e. yellow is for “happy”, red is for “loving”, purple is for “powerful”, black is for “mysterious”, etc.) Or if you want, switch it up and play the role of that particular personality. So, if you are black and someone asks “What’s your name?” reply with “It’s a mysteryâÂ?¦” and shrug. Or, if you are yellow and someone says “Hi”, you must reply excitedly with a phrase like, “Why HELLO!! How are you today? Isn’t this a fun night? You look awesome! I’m a yellow crayon, what are you?!?!”

4. Zombie Stripper/Hooker – Everyone dresses up like a hooker/stripper, so why not be the living dead while you’re at it? When people ask, tell them you’re looking for the guy who killed you. There will be plenty of guys dressed like serial killers, so have fun finding the best looking one 😉

5. Zombie Girl Scout – Bring a long a box of girl scout cookies and hand them out to everyone, claiming they’ll turn YOU into a zombie!

Hope you have fun this year during Halloween. Try your best not to steal too much children’s candy or pass out in the middle of someone’s apartment wearing the leftover pieces of other people’s costumes as well as makeup all over your face and chest!

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