Handwriting Activity Ideas for Kids: 6 Preschool Activities

Learning handwriting skills is very crucial for children, but it takes practice. There are many fun and creative ways to do it with or without pencils. Here are some neat activities that are easy, simple and fun enough to engage children and motivate them to enjoy practicing.

1. Easy do-it-yourself worksheets. Take some old pictures from a magazine and paste them to plain paper. Write the name of the object below the picture, making sure the first letter is over-sized to emphasize the first letter. Draw spacial lines for your child to copy the first letter several times in pencil. You can also use card stock paper for this so that it is durable to last multiple times.

2. Re-usable worksheets. There are many handwriting worksheets you can buy or find online, some of which I’ve reviewed in one of my articles. However, they are easily tossed and thrown away. A good way to keep up the handwriting practice is to re-use them. You can do this by laminating your favorite handwriting sheets and take a dry erase marker to practice with them over and over again. When you’re finished simply wipe them off and save them for another day.

3. Clay handwriting. Handwriting practice doesn’t have to be limited to pens, markers, pencils and crayons, especially when they are just learning. You can find some creative ways to develop the skill of handwriting. One way is to use clay to create letter art. Take your clay and strip them into tiny long pieces, like spaghetti and have your child form them into letters. If you purchase baking clay, you can create keepsakes out of your letter art.

4. Glue handwriting. As as kid, I enjoyed making words and letters out of glue. This is another fun way to make letter art. You can have your child copy a written letter by dripping glue over it. You can even use glitter to decorate the glue.

5. Finger painting. Who says you need any tools to practice handwriting? This is a really fun and simple activity to do. Draw letters on a thick piece of poster paper. Have your child use their finger, dipped in paint, to trace over the lines of the letters with their fingers.

6. Letter collage. This is one of my favorites because it is a project you can really get into. Draw a letter of the alphabet in a fill-in bubble form. After you’ve made your letter, take pictures and cut them up small enough to fit into the empty part of your letter. You can use any pictures you like or you can use images of things that start with the letter.

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