HandySwitch Light Switch Review

My family and I recently moved into a new house. After about 2 weeks’ worth of work on it, we love it. Everything we owned seemed to be finding an appropriate place in our new home. After we had everything in place, exactly where it needed to be, disaster struck: one of the lamps that we liked broke. It was stuck on, and where it was plugged in was behind a big bookshelf, so it could just be unplugged and plugged in. I thought we were going to have to replace a lamp we were all very attached to.

Enter the HandySwitch. This little device is so simple, yet has so many practical (and probably some impractical) uses. The HandySwitch allows you to easily and conveniently place a switch to control any electrical outlet in your house pretty much anywhere (even on the underside of a table or desk if you would prefer the switch be out of site. To put it simply, the kit consists of two parts: the switch and the plug adapter. The plug adapter simply plugs into the electric socket where the device you wish to control plugs in. You plug the adapter in, and then plug the device into the adapter. Next comes the switch placement. The switch has a mounting bracket that actually allows you to remove the switch if you ever want to be able to move the switch around. In the case of our broken lamp, we were able to use the HandySwitch to control the lamp, so the broken on/off switch was no longer a problem.

Now, you can control your lamp beside your bed from a switch mounted on your headboard, or even disconnect your entire entertainment center at the flip of a switch (this can save a TON on your electric bill, as devices controlled by a remote still draw power when turned off, but if they are disconnected from their power source, then obviously they don’t draw power. To learn more about this, and other ways to protect the environment and save money, click HERE.). The bottom line is that the uses for the HandySwitch are limitless, and can make your house a much more “user friendly” abode.

The HandySwitch retails for $19.99 and can be purchased at many stores, like CVS. If you purchase the HandySwitch from the Official HandySwitch Website HERE, you will have to pay shipping and handling, but you get a buy one get one free offer, as well as two Stick-N-Click lights, which are little lights that can be placed anywhere in your house, like closets or cabinets, to provide some much needed light.

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