Happy Mopping with the Black and Decker Powermop

Black & Decker powermop is the first powermop I have ever used. I have been searching for something like this for a long time. At the same time I did not want to invest a lot of money on such an item. The kitchen floor in our rented townhome is vinyl and I was not able to remove the dirt on that floor by the usual wiping and moping usimng severaal all purpose cleaners. I found the powermop on the clearence section in the nearby walmart just for $10. I thought that was indeed the coolest deal for such a powermop.I could not wait to reach home to try it out. On the same day we tried it out just for a 4 or 5 vinyl blocks and I was amazed to see the result. I have to admit that it took time for each tile as there was so much dirt clogged on them.

Initially I had difficluties in using the powermop. I thought it is not a friendly powermop. So my husband had to swith on and switch of the powermop for me to use it in the srubber mod. But I learned it quickly and I have had no problem using after that.

About the scrubber, it is a dedicated floor and grout srubber for hard floors and we can use them on wood floors too. A switch converts the mop head to powered scrub and remove the dirt from the floors. I had to use the scru for long time on the same tile as the dirt was stuck on the floor for years. But it cleaned it perfectly. Also the scrub brush is washable. I have found the brush works great and do remember to use any water like cleaner as they have suggested in the manual.

About the mop it is good for hard o reach areas. After the scrubbing , switch converts it to the mop mode and can easily cleans with the mop. Though it says the “No Touch” pad system helps the hands to stay clean, it does not work that way most of the time. I used Swifter pads and was okay. It is difficult find the Black and decker pads.

The detergent sprayer is also very convenient. Use only water like solution otherwise it will clog. Once you are done, clean the bottle. I used ‘Fantastic’ all purpose cleaner once and used ‘Lysol” second time. Both worked well. I added little bit of water along with the cleaners just to make it a little more watery.
I must say , initially I thought what a product is this as I was not able to use it easily. But that was without reading the instructions carefully and without getting a hang of it. But later I was so pleased with it and I would recommend this product if you have tile/vinyl/hardwood floors.

d imcluded the posermp, srub brush, AA batteries,touch pads and the detergent sprayer bottle.

Overall I was happy with this product. Please see the pictures of our floor before and after cleaning with the powermop.

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