Harmful Effects of Makeup

Did you know that many cosmetic companies promise use harmful chemicals in their makeup? Some will even go as far as saying that a portion of the sale will be toward the fight of breast cancer. But the makeup may cause other types of cancers? This article will discuss some of these harmful effects of makeup. Many cosmetics contain chemicals that are known as parables and athletes, which many recent studies have indicated to the linked with the development of cancer. Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogen and disruptive of normal hormone function. It is the exposure to external estrogen’s that have been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. Athletes have been known to cause a broad range of birth defects and lifelong reproductive impairments. There is a lot of concern about their implications for increased breast cancer risk.

There is a large variety of chemicals that are of concern in personal care products. For example ,did you know that almost 1/2 of products that are tested contain one or more ingredients that are known to be possible human carcinogens? These cosmetic companies have been arguing for years that we do not have to worry about harmful chemicals in their products, since they are not in jested but only used on the skin. They will also tell you that the level of a harmful chemical in any one product is not enough to actually cause you any harm. This may be true, but what is harmful according to many scientist is the result of daily exposure from numerous products over an extended period of time. When it comes to diseases like cancer, asthma, birth defects and learning disabilities that are definitely on the rise, there is a lot of concern that it is being caused by everyday products.

Many women are under the impression that they are improving themselves with the look of makeup, but what you may not realize is that you are subjecting yourself and your children to these cancer causing agents and oils. It should be pointed out that many companies are finding ways to remove the harmful ingredients in these product. This is why it is very important to read all of the labels on the products that you buy. Therefore the best thing that you can do for yourself is investigate thoroughly the products that you use. It will definitely benefit you in the long run.

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