Haunted South Carolina Locations

Charleston, South Carolina is home to the Battery Carriage House Inn. The bed and breakfast is housed in an old carriage house, built around 1840. This inn has two ghosts. Room 10 is haunted by a short, balding man who is fond of the ladies. He seems to only appear to single unmarried women – he tries to climb in bed with them, and when the woman startles, he disappears into a wall. Room 8 has a scarier ghost: a headless Confederate soldier. He sometimes marches at the foot of the bed, or stands over someone while they sleep. Many report that he moans as if he’s in pain, and a few say they have touched his wool coat. He too will disappear quickly when startled.

The Abbeville Opera House is quite an old building. The ‘Negro balcony’ has been preserved, although only one chair is placed in it. The chair is for the ghost of a patron who was killed in the balcony.

In Charleston, South Carolina, the basement of the Old Exchange Building is known as the Provost Dungeon. The dungeon is very old, having been built in 1781. The British would put men and women suspected of giving intelligence to Americans here. The dungeon was cold and damp, and many got sick and were not separated from the healthy. Today some see chains or lights swinging for no reason, or hear moaning and crying.

The deserted Chapel of Ease in Beaufort may also be haunted. Workers were once sent to the building to seal up the crypt. They would return each morning to find that the bricks they laid the previous day had been removed and placed in a neat pile. Others have felt unsettled in the church’s graveyard.

In Blacksburg, South Carolina, the area known as White Wolf Hollow is a popular location among teens and coon hunters. Some people have seen floating lights or a large animal that looks a bit like a mountain lion, with glowing red eyes (cats’ eyes typically have a florescent green shine in the dark). Hunters have often thought they just ran over a white monkey. When they pull over their trucks and go back to see what they actually hit, nothing is there.

Poogans Porch Restaurant in Charleston is haunted by an old woman and a dog. People have called police reporting that an old woman was seen in the restaurant, during the night when the restaurant is closed. The dog, a West Highland White Terrier has sometimes been seen, but is more often heard or felt brushing up against someone’s leg.


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