Have a Memorable Moving Out Party

A moving out party is a bittersweet occasion. Everyone wants to have a great time and enjoy your last moments together in familiar surroundings, but there’s also a definite feeling of pressure to make the party something special, something to remember. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to have a game or activity at your moving out party that produces a keepsake or memento that you can bring with you when you move. A moving out party often comes with a larger lifestyle change, like leaving your town or graduating from school, and there’s almost always sadness at saying farewell to a beloved roommate or a favorite neighbor.

These kinds of milestones are well worth marking, and these fun ideas will help you have a memorable moving out party. To keep the party in your heart and mind for years to come, try one of these activities. More creative than just snapping candid photos, or videotaping the night, these moving out party ideas are sure to make the night feel as special as it is. Not only will trying one of these moving out party activities help make the gathering stand out from other, more run of the mill festivities, it takes the pressure off making the moving out party special. Once you and your guests have written an impromptu yearbook or created a portrait gallery, you’ll all know that you’ll remember the night fondly, so everyone can just relax and have a great time.

Impromptu Yearbook

Every high school and college class has a yearbook, and everyone knows it is fun to pull it off the shelves decades later and have the memories all come rushing back. So, why not try replicating this great idea at your moving out party? Buy a blank book at any stationary store, fill out a few pages yourself to get things going, and then pass it around to the guests at your moving out party and ask everyone to fill up a page or two by writing a bit about themselves, about the party, or even about you! By the end of the night, you’ll have a “yearbook” that is a great and lasting reflection of all of the friends and loved ones at your moving out party.

Portrait Gallery

This is a fun photo project that lends itself well to a moving out party, because it makes sure that you not only have lots of pictures of your friends, but lots of pictures of the place you’re about to leave. To make this low-key game happen, all you need is a Polaroid camera, tape or pushpins, and a clear stretch of wall or a bulletin board where you can post the pictures as they’re taken. It’s also a good idea to post the “rules” for the game next to the photos. There are two rules for the game. First, everybody at your moving out party has to get someone to shoot a portrait of them. Second, no two portraits can be taken in the same location! Guests should post their portraits on the wall as soon as they’re shot; that way it will be easy for everyone else to tell what locations have been “taken.” Put the camera into circulation at the start of the moving out party, and tell your guests that they have to keep passing it on for the duration of the moving out party until everyone’s picture ends up on the wall. This game is easy for the first few guests, but once there are a fair number of pictures taken in a fair number of places, the portraits will have to start getting pretty creative! Because the rules are simple, it’s easy to include late arrivals in the fun. To create a lasting treasure, throw all the shots into a scrapbook or album, and you’re sure to remember your moving out party for years to come!

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