Healthy Vegetarian Dishes Anyone Can Enjoy

Whether you’ve decided to take on a vegetarian lifestyle, or are just looking to add more veggies to your diet, the following foods are very popular meatless dishes.

Hummus. A combination of chickpeas, olive oil, and spices, this smooth Mediterranean dip is a favorite of hippies and snack food lovers everywhere. And, because chickpeas tend to be bland, they easily take on other flavors. As a result, you’ll notice dozens of varieties at your grocery store-from sun dried tomato to garlic to feta. Traditionally served with pita bread, hummus is also good on a sandwich in place of mayo.

Falafel. Like hummus, falafel is also made from blending chickpeas and spices. Instead of being eaten cold, however, the mixture is rolled into balls, fried, and served with a garlic yogurt sauce. Great on crackers or inside a sandwich, this spicy dish is often referred to as a vegetarian’s meatball.

Couscous. If rice and pasta had a baby, they’d name it couscous. Basically just steamed grains, the dish has a light and fluffy texture when prepared. Add some variety to your next meal and serve couscous as a side dish instead of rice or stuffing.

Edamame. (Pronounced eda-MAH-may)Nothing more than boiled soybeans in their pods, edamame are both beautiful and delicious. Great for when you’re craving something light and salty, these buttery beans can be served either cold or warm and are awesome in salads. Just make sure not to eat the pod!

Samosas. Made from stuffing a pastry shell with a mixture of vegetables, curry powder, garlic, and other spices, this fried Indian food can be eaten plain or served with a sweet and sour sauce. Though it’s not the healthiest of these dishes, it’s defiantly rich and delicious.

Chilie Relleno. If you think vegetarian dishes can’t be heavy, think again. Chilie relleno are a traditional Mexican meal made by stuffing cheese into peppers and frying them. Top them off with your favorite salsa and a dollop of guacamole and enjoy.

Pierogi. A traditional polish appetizer, pierogi are buttery dumplings stuffed with potatoes and onions. Whether you fry or boil them, they’re normally served with a crispy bread crumb topping, caramelized onions, or both.

Margherita Flatbread.This Tuscan pizza is a favorite of garlic lovers everywhere. The thin crispy crust is topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil, and of course-loads of garlic. Its growing popularity has made it a regular on menus everywhere.

For preparation ideas, visit your favorite recipe website. Our favorites include and

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