Heavens Door

They’ve banned the commandments
from government buildings
Actually, have laws and
political movements
His name prohibited
in schools no more prayers
The children are confused
doesn’t anyone care?
To worship the flesh
without any shame
Appalling in nature
as if life is a game
False prophets whom
claim to be god himself
Will lead all astray
into a fiery slow death
Statues of gold
silver and cement
Forbidden idolatry
of hell’s descent
He gave us a day
for peace and tranquility
An actual rule of
biblical reality
Our fathers and mothers
deserve respect
Not a hard thing to do
just a simple request
The taking of lives
what gives one the right
To be judge and executioner
to erase anothers life
Marriage is sacred since
the very beginning
To lust after another
defies the true meaning
Robbing the poor
concealed in disbelief
No pride and self love
a world full of thieves
Every word is a lie
dishonest mendacity
To abuse anothers trust
may god have mercy
Hatred and envy
swallows the soul
Until evil subside
you will bleed no more
Blasphemous profanity
with no recognition
Defying the rules
only ten to mention
When lives are deleted
and existence no more
Lost souls forever
they will be
knocking on heavens door.
Copyright �© 2006 G. Marlena Joslyn

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