Helpful Tips on Moving to Ohio

Maybe you got a job transfer, or you’re moving to be closer to family. Whatever the case may be, you’re obviously getting packed up to move to Ohio. Before I give you some helpful tips on moving to Ohio, let me give you some demographics first. This state is in the north east segment of the United States. Ohio is nestled in between the state of Indiana to the west, and Pennsylvania to the east. North of Ohio’s border is Michigan and Lake Erie. To the south of Ohio’s border is Kentucky and West Virginia.

Now that you know where your new home is going to be, here’s one of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio: about six weeks before you make your move, log onto to the Internet and
check out the FAQ section of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce web site. At, you can find valuable information that will help make your relocation to Ohio easier. If you’re a business owner, it’s essential that you log onto the Ohio Chamber of Commerce website.

When you pack up your clothing, here’s another one of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio: we have a saying about the weather in “The Buckeye State”: there are four seasons, “Winter”, “Still Winter”, “Almost Winter”, and “Road Construction”. The latter pertains to the summer months.
Keep in mind that the weather in Ohio is capricious. It can rain, snow, and be sunny and warm in just a period of hours. And that’s no joke. Be sure to keep a raincoat and a jacket- a winter coat too, if it’s between October and March- out of your suitcases when you move to Ohio.

Here’s one of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio for pet owners: if you’re moving from a warm weather climate, you may have to keep your outside cats, dogs, et cetera, inside the house or in a heated garage for several days. The only exception to this is if you move to Ohio in July or August when it’s usually scorching hot outside. This time period will allow your pets to get used to the chilly temperatures. During the wintertime, it also gets frigid cold. During those days and nights, you’ll need to keep your outside pets inside too. Even dogs and cat that are used to the cold Ohio winters can freeze to death when the thermometer dips into subzero temperatures.

Once you’re settled into your new Ohio home, if you have kids, or, you’re just a kid at heart, here’s another one of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio: take your kids to the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky. Cedar Point boasts some of the largest rides in the United States.
You and your family are sure to have a fantastic time there.

Ohio also has a gorgeous state park system, the famous “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, “The Pro Football Hall of Fame” is located in Canton, and the world’s largest basket can seen in Newark, Ohio. It’s the seven-story home office of Longaberger’s baskets.

Also called “The Buckeye State”, because of its abundance of Buckeye trees, Ohio is a beautiful land of rolling hills, farmland, lakes, rural areas, and cities. If you would like to visit their society, you may be interested to learn that Ohio has the largest Old Order Amish community in the world. Approximately 35,000 Amish people live in Holmes, Tuscarawas, Wayne and Stark counties. One of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio is to recommend that you visit the Amish communities of Apple Creek, Charm, Walnut Creek, Berlin, and Sugar Creek. You’ll sample fine Amish cooking, baked goods, and chocolates. You’ll see finely made furniture, antiques, Amish farms you can tour, flea markets, and much more.

But before you do all of that, here’s one of my helpful tips on moving to Ohio: once you have a job in this state, have a permanent address, have placed your kids in school, and have lived in this state for thirty (30) days, you are considered to be a resident.

During that time, here’s my final helpful tip on moving to Ohio: you’ll need to find the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office nearest your home. Because, of course, you’ll need to apply for an Ohio Driver’s License. If you already have a valid driver’s license from another state, you won’t need to pass a road test. You’ll only need to pass a vision test and a written test. But, you’ll have to surrender your other driver’s license because The Buckeye State only allows you to
possess one valid driver’s license at a time. You’ll also need to buy new license plates for your vehicles.

And finally, if you find yourself getting homesick, remember that Columbus is the capital of the state of Ohio. It’s a fact that half of the population of the United States lives with a five hundred mile radius of Columbus. So, you’re probably not that far from home afterall!

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