Herbal Treatmens for Bunions

Bunions are typically caused from trying to put too much foot into too little shoe, especially shoes that have a small toe area like women’s dress shoes. A bunion is a bump on the big toe. It causes the big toe to protrude outwards at the base and towards the other toes at the tip. Heredity can play a part in the formation of bunions if your family is prone to a weakness called hallux valgus. If this is the case you would want to do all that you could to prevent it from forming. You can do this by going barefoot as much as possible or by wearing shoes with a bigger toe area instead of pointed shoes.

If you find that you already suffer from bunions there are several herbs that can be crushed or made into a pulp and applied to the bunion for needed relief.

Calendula can be purchased as a salve or tincture and applied directly to the bunion. It is also good for bruises, cuts, scrapes and inflammation.

Bromelain can be purchased in capsule form and taken internally or you can simply eat a lot of pineapple. Pineapple is a tasty way to treat bunions and bruises and also has other natural healthy affects on the body.

Red pepper has long been used in the treatment of pain. The capsaicin in red pepper blocks the pain nerves that tell the brain you are in pain. You can eat lots of red pepper on your foods or if you can’t stand the heat, red pepper is also available in capsule form known as Cayenne Fruit. If you grow cayenne peppers you can open the pepper itself up and rub it on your bunion to alleviate pain. Capsaicin also comes in over the counter creams that can be applied to the skin for bunions and other painful joint areas. If you opt for over the counter products be sure to wash your hands after applying the cream. The red pepper in these creams can still burn your eyes if you rub them afterwards.

Willow is the natural form of aspirin and has been used for centuries as a pain aid. You can take fresh willow internally by making a tea or make a paste from crushing the bark of a willow tree and applying it directly to the bunion.

Clove oil has been used by dentist in the treatment of toothaches but shows promising results as a pain reliever when applied to bunions and corns.

Sundew is an age-old folk remedy used to treat warts, corns and bunions. You can take the fresh plant and apply it directly to the affected area.

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