Hercules Hooks: Product Review

I’ll admit it: I’m a big fan of any product Billy Mays advertises on TV. OxyClean got the grass stains out of my antique upholstery, so I thought I would give another product from an infomercial a try — the Hercules Hooks. I was impressed by the demonstration of this tiny but mighty hooks holding a hundred-pound mirror to nothing but drywall — no studs needed. Having just bought a large mirror that needed to be centered on a bathroom wall where there were no convenient studs to drill into, I decided to order the Hercules Hooks and put them to the test.

With your order, you receive a total of twenty hooks. At first, I didn’t want to pay for this quantity because, after all, I was only hanging one mirror. After a few days, however, I was concerned that I might use them everywhere in the house except for the bathroom, and have to order more! I found several good uses for the Hercules hooks:

*Substitute for missing hardware*
While remolding my kitchen, I discovered the box with my new, heavy, stainless steel pot rack didn’t contain the mounting hooks. Since the Hercules Hooks hold up to 150 pounds, I had no problem using two of them to attach this piece to the wall. I didn’t have to worry about locating studs — I just put it where it was most convenient for me.

*Mounting pictures of any size*
Once you start using Hercules Hooks, you won’t want to go back to regular screws or nails. Hercules Hooks push directly into the drywall, with no hammer or screwdriver needed. I found myself using them even on pictures and mirrors that weren’t that heavy, just because they were so easy to use.

*Hanging coats, scarves, ties, belts, etc*
I used several of these hooks around my bedroom and inside my closet for hanging various items. You don’t have to worry about heavy coats or belts pulling the hook off the wall. The hooks are unobtrusive and are a great way to keep clutter off the floor.

I would recommend Hercules Hooks for hanging any prints, posters, paintings, or mirrors around the house. They hold up to 150 pounds and only make a small hole in the wall, unlike large screws and brackets. They are extremely easy to use, with no special tools required. If you want to move the hook, simply pull and twist, and the Hercules Hook slides out with ease.

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