High Yield Investment is a Scam

Solid Investment is a scam, a rip, a hoax. The horrible part is that I didn’t get to watch from the sidelines and shout “I told you so”, but I actually got to be in it and lose $2000. I learned an important lesson this 4th of July, when my independence was both celebrated and violated. Here is what I learned, so that I won’t be ripped off in the future.

– If the hyip site has broken english, it’s a scam, no doubt about it

– The rate of return is over 20% a month. The higher the return the more likely it’s a scam.

– You can withdraw your money anytime you want or almost anytime you want. Real programs require at least a 30 day holding period of your money. Guess why? Because they actually use your money to invest, not just have it all in cash to pay off some people while more people join. Real programs have 30 days at least and rules for how much you can take out at a time, most have holding periods of a year or two before you can withdraw.

– They don’t tell you what they do on the site. This is a huge warning sign. If they say they do private placements, bank debentures, research and development. scam scam scam

– The numbers don’t add up. It shows they have a certain amount and you’re making a certain percent a day, but it shows on their page that the profit isn’t keeping up with how much people are making. Do the math.

– They say they are a legal company in Belize, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana or Hong Kong. There are no legal companies in these countries. You pay El Presidente , Ho Chi Minh or Shaka Zulu for a company and they don’t care what you do.

How Solid Investment was a scam
– offered me 4% a day (greed got the best of me)

– Special Plan to invest in research for Bird Flu, they would have just gotten a loan, not paid people in the program a ridiculous amount to use their money for research!

– $100 million invested on October, 3% a day and 9 months later they only have $280 million. It should have been $51,200,000,000. That’s $52 billion, oh cool the company made more than the GDP of the country they live in, not.

– They paid people everyday. That’s one heck of a money management program. They can still invest and make all that money while having enough in cash to pay everyone everyday.

– Inaccuracies on the site. They claimed to be up since 2004, but every hyip monitoring site and domain registration look up pointed to october 2005.

– I could have been a millionaire and that doesn’t happen to me.

– Wayback machine says they weren’t up as long as they claimed.

– A site claims they have been up for a certain amount of time, but no one heard about them until a couple months ago.

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