Holiday Fun: Christmas Crafts For Decorating The Season

Each one of us has something that reminds us of Christmas. From the wreaths welcoming visitors on your front door or table center pieces inviting everyone to share a meal, no matter what says Merry Christmas to you there are many decorative activities that you can create. Any one who knows me knows that I support aroma therapy and during the stressful season the beauties that can be created can also prove to be quite helpful. The following ideas are just a few decorative avenues that you can create this year to help relieve the stress in your home.

Holiday Fun: Christmas Wreaths
Start by taking a coat hanger and bending the triangular center into a circle. Then, bend, the hook all the way down making it into a hoop. This hook will be used to hang the wreath wherever you want.

Choose the plants or herbs that you’d prefer to hang in your home. You can literally choose anything you want. Lavender, rosemary, bay leaves, etc are wonderfully aromatic and quite inviting. For extra greenery in you wreath pine is always great and when clipped fresh it can be very aromatic. If you do not want the wreath to be all bright green you can choose to mix and match such as: A Lavender base with sprigs of pine sporadically placed for color contrast.

*Remember, the base of your wreath must be clipped fresh and not dried prior. When you have it on to the hanger you must be able to tie with fishing line or string, starting at the hook one end of the plant and then twist it around the metal of the hanger over and over, tying it off wherever it ends. Keep repeating this until your wreath is thick and sturdy.

Now comes the fun part, buying at your local craft store the little things that say Christmas to you. Mini bells, holly, mini ribbons, berries, among several other items can be attached to add a little more charm to this hand made wreath.

Holiday Fun: Ornaments
By adding a special touch to your tree and even to important gifts can be a nice surprise for anyone. These next items can be used for either of these purposes, hanging on your tree or tied to the ribbons on that special gift that your loved one has been wanting.

Start by picking a breathable fabric with Christmassy tone either plain or printed will do. This craft will take you about 5 minutes to accomplish. Use a large ginger bread man cookie cutter, or any other large cookie cutters you have symbolizing the joy of this holiday and with a marker outline the shape on to the fabric. You’ll need two shapes for every one item you do. If your material is dark then you will want a light colored string, and if your material is light you’ll want a dark colored string. For filling you will need either potpourri or crumbled cinnamon sticks.

After cutting out the shapes, begin to sew noticeable outside stitching. * Do not pull the string to hard, you want it flat not scrunched. Just before you sew up your pattern completely leave an area open to fill it with the aromatic contents.

Holiday Fun: Center Pieces
A fragrant green clipping can often times be a wonderfully sweet center piece. To add a country feel you can purchase either a short round vase or a small silver or gold tin bucket. Foam can be purchased at a craft store and placed in a container of your choice. The clipping will stand on its own once pressed firmly inside the foam. To cover the foam you can use anything you wish. From cinnamon sticks that have been sliced or broken, to tinsel, really anything your imagination is inclined to use. Decorating it is fun and again all about preference.

A ginger bread house is another great center piece to have especially if your table is, like mine during the Holiday season� meaning that is filled with homemade candies, cookies and pies.

Have a great holiday season and enjoy each and everything you do.

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