Holiday News Alert: Not Turkey Recall or Mad Turkey Disease but Possible Turkey Shortage!

Butterball, the U.S.’ largest producer of turkeys reports it’s puzzled as to why the birds haven’t grown to full size. Fox News reported that the company was afraid that there won’t be enough 16+ pounders available to meet the anticipated demand for Thanksgiving. So, if you didn’t already have your big bird and had a large number of family members and guests to feed this year, hopefully, you weren’t affected by the possible shortage.

Cooks may opt for Thanksgiving fowl, which haven’t yet gone afoul!

The potentially bad news for shoppers was that food suppliers feared they might only have limited amounts of larger sized turkeys in stores, as the Nov. 28 date loomed close. Chickens may have been an option, too, for many cooks who bought turkey fryers that are safe to use indoors, and looked forward to putting the new models to the test this holiday season.

They can look to former comedian/actor turned radio/TV host and philanthropist Steve Harvey, in part, for calling on the Steve Harvey nation (listeners to his syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show) – to “shut down” the Masterbuilt website on Monday, Nov. 18.

The ‘nation’ heeded the call! Taking to the Internet and shutting down the site for the major outdoor cooking product manufacturer, Harvey confirmed before the end of his (6am -10am) morning broadcast.

Oprah Winfrey is the queen of media and Harvey is taking the mantle of king of radio. When it comes to the power of the brand, it’s clear he’s taken a cue from the mighty O’.

Harvey was promoting his business giving partnership contest with the turkey fryer manufacturer that morning. The company CEO called into the show to tout the safety features of their latest hazard-free, indoor fryer models for 2013, in a live on-air phone interview.

See: Butterball Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt

The good news is the Butterball birds should be plumped up in time to make it from deep fryer onto our dinner plates come this Christmas, at least according to the corporation’s statement. Happy post-Thanksgiving! Gobble. Gobble.

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