Holiday Safety Tips

Nothing can ruin the Holiday Spirit faster than becoming a victim of crime. Here are 10 safety tips for seniors, complied from the Los Angeles Police Department and Tech News Daily, to use in order to protect yourself from Holiday crimes, they are:

1. When you leave the house lock your doors/windows and leave the TV or radio on.

2. Use automatic timers or sensors to turn on your outdoor and indoor lights.

3. Make sure the Holiday gifts are not visible from the windows.

4. Beware of fake delivery people who may try to get into your home.

5. Be careful how you dispose your wrapping paper and boxes which tells the crooks what you received. Remember the number one target for thieves are electronic devices.

6. Have a neighbor watch your house if you are away for a trip.

7. Don’t broadcast your trip plans on the social media or on your telephone answering machine.

8. Always lock your car and put your valuables in the trunk.

9. Park in well-lit areas that have a lot of foot traffic.

10. Don’t carry a large amount of cash.

Stopping Senior Crimes during the Holidays begins with you staying alert to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious don’t hesitate to report it to the store personnel, security, or police.

We wish you a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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