Holiday Shopping Guide: As Time Goes By Complete Season 4 DVD Box Set Review

If you, or someone on your holiday shopping list, like Brit Coms, then you may want to consider buying the As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four DVD Box Set. This is one of the two 10 episode seasons of the award winning BBC series As Time Goes By. In this season Jean and Lionel evolve from live-in boyfriend and girlfriend to a married couple. This season also sees Sandy move in with Jean, Lionel, and Judith, not to mention the wedding of Jean and Lionel. This is a very busy season full of life changes and transitions for all of the characters.

What You Get in the As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four DVD Box Set

In this box set you get two discs. On disc one you get the first five episodes of season four including: A House Full of Women, Rewrites, Getting Rid of Gwen, The Affair, and Welcome News. There are no special features on disc one.

On disc two you get the remaining five episodes from season four including: The Anniversary Party, Wedding Preparations, Wedding Day Nerves, Judith’s New Romance, and Improvements. In addition to these five great episodes you also get a couple of bonus feature. First you bet the bios of the actors from this season, and secondly you get trailers for Father Ted, Blue Planet, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and BBC America.

Pros of the As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four DVD Box Set

As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four is a great season to own. First it has ten episodes instead of the typical six or seven episodes. Secondly it has a very active storyline. During this season Sandy moves in with Jean, Lionel, and Judith; Lionel works on his mini series; the mini series goes into production; Rocky and Madge give Lionel the country house; Lionel proposes marriage to Jean; and Jean and Lionel get married. Finally you get some bonus materials with this set.

Cons of the As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four DVD Box Set

This is a great season, however, there are a few things that could have made it a better collection. First this season only offers a few basic bonus features including actor bios and trailers. This set could have been better if it included behind the scenes featurettes, bloopers, or other supplemental materials.

Where You Can Buy the As Time Goes By: Complete Season Four DVD Box Set

I haven’t found this set at any of my local retailers, but you may have luck in your city, especially if you look at a store that has a large DVD section. Fortunately there are a few online retailers that carry this set. I personally purchased this set from for $39.95. I have also seen it on sale at for $29.95, and if you have Fun Dollars you can reduce the price of this set even further. also carries this set for $34.98. Other online retailers that carry this DVD box set include: and

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