Holiday Shopping Guide: As Time Goes By DVD Box Set

If you have a BBC America fan on your shopping list, or someone who just enjoys a good Brit Com, then you might want to consider buying the As Time Goes By Complete Season Three DVD Box Set. This box set features the third season of As Time Goes By, which is one of the longest seasons in the series offering ten 30 minute episodes of humor and romance. In this season fans of the series can watch the romantic relationship between Jean and Lionel bloom, and watch as Lionel’s mini series adventure is launched.

What You Get in the As Time Goes By: Complete Third Season DVD Box Set

This box set includes two DVD’s in a sturdy, two-tiered DVD case. On disc on you get five thirty minute episodes including: We’ll Always Have Paris; Rocky’s Wedding Day; Living Together, But Where?; Covering Up; and Moving In. My favorite episode on this disc is Rock’s Wedding Day, mostly because I love the episodes that are filmed at the country house, but also because of the wacky characters that infuse these episodes, Rocky, Madge, and Mrs. Bale. My least favorite episode on this disc is Living Together, But Where? This is due mostly to the tension in this episode between Lionel and Jean.

On the second disc in this set you get another five episodes including: Branching Out, The Mini-Series, A Trip to Los Angeles, Dealing With Sally, and Problems, Problems. This disc also contains the bonus material for this season. In addition to the five episodes you also get the bios of all the characters from this season, as well as trailers for “Father Ted, Blue Planet, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and BBC America.

Pros of the As Time Goes By: Complete Third Season DVD Box Set

The first plus for this DVD box set is that it is one of the longest As Time Goes By season. Most As Time Goes By season only have six or seven episodes, while this one has ten episodes. Another great characteristic of this season is that it adds several new locations to its repertoire including Los Angeles, Paris, and Jean’s second branch office, in addition to Jean’s house, Lionel’s flat, Rocky’s country house, and Jean’s first office. There is a lot of variety in this season, which makes it very enjoyable to watch.

Cons of the As Time Goes By: Complete Third Season DVD Box Set

While I adore this series, this season has a several episodes where things are not quite perfect between Jean and Lionel. While this is a normal part of life, and an important element to include for a well rounded storyline, the stressful episodes are not my favorite. The other drawback of this DVD collection is that there really isn’t a lot of bonus material to supplement the series’ episodes.

Where You Can Buy As Time Goes By: Complete Third Season DVD Box Set

If you are interested in buying As Time Goes By: Complete Third Season DVD Box Set your best bet is to look online. I bought my copy from for $39.98, but if you look for their sales you can get it from this site for $29.96. You can also buy this set at: for $34.98, and for $23.89.

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