Holistic Pet Health: Curing Ear Mites

Most ear infections in cats and dogs are the result of ear mites. These pesky creatures that prey on our furry friends are usually transferred through direct contact, so a simple stroll in the park could leave your pet with hitchhikers. Ear mites are extremely small and hard to see with the naked eye, but watch your pet for vigorous scratching of the ears and the
tell-tale deposit that is similar to coffee grounds falling on the ground.

While this infection can develop into a greater problem if left untreated, there are options which leave the heavy antibiotics at the vet’s office and fight nature with its own medicine. A simple treatment can be formulated to heal your pet naturally and holistically, as they were meant to be healed.

The first step to creating the mixture is to mix 0.5 oz almond oil with a 400 UI vitamin E inside a dropper bottle which can be purchased at any health food store. Warm the prepared mixture to body temperature and place just about half a dropper of the medicine into the infected ear. Gently massage your pet’s ear (near the ear canal, if possible) for a bout a minute; they may squirm, but do your best to rub in the serum. Next, let them shake their head (as they would after such an experience), but do not let them run off just yet. Gently cleanse the ear with cotton swabs, but be careful not to compact the material in the ear canal. Perform this process every other day for about a week. Following this, let you’re pet’s ears rest
for three days, letting the oil overwhelm the mites and begin the healing process.

The next step in healing your pet of ear mites is to purchase Yellow Dock Root Extract. If you cannot find it at a local natural
foods, drugstore, or herb shop, try ordering online through businesses like BlessedHerbs.com. Make sure it is a liquid extract for easy application. Dilute nine drops of the extract with about a tablespoon of water. You will need to treat the ears with this mixture as described earlier once every three days for six weeks. Since eggs hatch in cycles, this is the best way to take them all out and successfully rid your pet of the infection.

The mites may not remain solely in the ears, so it is recommended to thoroughly shampoo your pet from head to tail, cleansing any migratory eggs. One of the hot points for mites to collect is surprisingly the tip of the tail, so be sure to cleanse there thoroughly. You may want to infuse some yellow dock extract with hot water, creating a tea, and using that on the tail region just to be safe.

As always, preventative medicine is also key in improving the health of your pet. Feed them a natural, raw-meat diet or another that is preservative-free to keep their system in check and better-equipped to fight future infections.

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