Home Decorating – Personal Touches Vs Resale Value

How do you choose between adding your personal touch to your home and keeping up it’s re-sale value? You don’t have to. In some instances, you can have both. In other cases, you have to weigh the odds. What’s more important to you? Is it possible to tone down your decor to suit future buyers? How long will you be in the house?

Why did you purchase your home?

Are you planning on living there for the long term?

If so, you should feel free to decorate it any way you like. You have no landlord. So, paint the walls purple, if that’s what you’re into. Show off your pig collection. Do whatever it takes to make you feel at home. After all, this is your forever home. It shouldn’t be about what everyone else likes. It should be about what you like.

Is your home strictly an investment?

If your intent is to make a profit, or do a quick fix and flip. You may want to go with a more neutral look. Use white or beige paint. Stick to a few classic accents. Use basic furnishings. Nix the over-decorated look. It’s easier for potential buyers to visualize their own decor when it’s not filled with yours. You might even consider the empty house look. An empty house looks bigger to buyers.

Some homes are both investment and personal home.

Many home owners choose to live in their homes for a short period of time, then sell them for a profit. They spend a few years fixing the house up, then move on to another. If this is your scenario, there are a few things you might want to consider.

First things first:

Start with making repairs and taking care of any expensive, but necessary remodels. You know, things like kitchen and bathroom updates. That way, when it comes time to sell, you’ll be down to the redecorating.

About those floors:

If you plan on carpeting the home for resale, wait until you’re out of it. This will cut down on the cost of cleaning and replacing the carpet, due to normal wear and tear. FYI – Hardwood and tile are better sellers and easier to maintain in most cases.

Paint for the future:

Don’t do any painting that’s difficult to re-do later. Remember those purple walls? Go with a more neutral color. It’ll be easier to maintain or paint over when it’s time to sell.

Don’t be a clutter bug:

Don’t add to your collections while living in a home you wish to sell. In fact, it’s better to be a minimalist. Chances are, you’ll have to rent a storage space for your knick-knacks and personal items when your home goes back on the market. Having fewer things makes it easier, less time consuming and cheaper to store them.

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