Home Improvement: Choosing the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen faucet can enhance the look of your kitchen, even without undertaking a big remodeling project. With so many options to choose from, you would need to consider a few things to be able to make the right decision that would fit your budget and your style.

Here are the things to consider when choosing your next kitchen faucet:

1) Style: Try to choose the faucet that is compatible with your design style or taste. Whether you have a country or contemporary kitchen. Whatever your style is, there are many options to choose from to match your d�©cor. For example, if your style is Victorian, there are elegant faucets that can match your style. A lot of manufacturers have hundreds of designs to choose from, you should be able to find one that best suits your style. Some designs to choose from: Ultra modern, traditional, industrial look, Victorian, country, old world, etc.

2) Finish: There are different finishes that you can choose from. Pick something that will match with the other finishes in your kitchen. For example, if you have knobs or drawer pulls that are in satin nickel finish, pick a faucet with the same finish for an overall cohesive look. You can also pick a finish to compliment your appliances, for examples if you are using stainless steel appliances, try to use a finish that will blend well, and a good choice in this case is using brushed chrome or nickel finishes. The different finishes to choose from are: Chrome finish, white enamel finish, copper finish, brass, gold tones, bronze, brushed nickel, and satin nickel, to name a few.

3) Price: If you have a budget to work on, there are several price ranges you can choose from. The price of a kitchen faucet can range from the low $25.00 to the high $850.00. There are faucets you can buy between the price range of $95.00-180.00 that would offer the functionality and quality without breaking the bank. In this case, it is helpful to do a little more research or price comparison of different brands and styles.

4) Function: There are options to choose from as far as functionality is concerned. From a simple single lever handle to one that offers a separate pull out spray and separate soap dispenser. There are faucets that adjust to a pull out spray. This choice is more popular because it is easy to switch at a push of a button close to the spout if you want to use the spray or regular water flow as opposed to those with separate sprayer hose. It can be cumbersome to switch from a faucet to a separate sprayer, especially if you are multi-tasking. Some functionality you need to consider: Single handle faucet, double handle faucet, pull out spray faucet, water filtration faucet, bar faucet, wall mount faucet, and pot filler faucet which are installed on the wall or counter next to the stove to provide easy filling of pots on the stove.

5) Brand: There are several brands to choose from. Some people are into brand names, for they believe that the most popular ones are the most dependable ones as well. There are newer brands, however, that can equally rival the most popular ones offering same features and functionality but with a lesser price range. You can go online and visit each brand name sites to make your comparisons.

Hopefully the list provided will help guide you on your next kitchen faucet purchase. Remember that it is very important to do your research. You can also visit home improvement centers and try out the faucets on display to help you on your decision making.

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