Home Improvement: Easy, Cheap Ways to Improve Your Home

Many people see home maintenance as either too difficult or as an expense that they can live without. However, there are some easy and cheap ways to improve your home’s appearance.

Tools You Need –

For the following home maintenance tips, you’ll need a few simple tools. A hammer, a screwdriver, some oil, a wrench, and a hex key. If you don’t have any of these tools, you should probably consider buying them since they are fairly useful and inexpensive.

Hinges –

Hinges are a fairly easy fix that almost anyone can do. As they age, hinges tend to start looking dull and even rusty in some cases. And occasionally, painters will just paint right over hinges. This makes them look even uglier. Fortunately, many hinges only cost around a dollar to buy. Just make sure you purchase the right one for your door. It’s easiest to just remove the old hinge from the door or cabinet, and use it as an example of what you’ll need. Some hinges have squared edges and some are rounded. By taking the old hinge with you to the hardware store, you will ensure that you purchase the exact same hinge.

Removing hinges can be a pain; it just depends on the condition your old hinges are in. If the hinges are really old, have been painted over, or are rusty then there’s a good chance that removing them is going to be complicated. Oil will help with the rust, but it may not be enough in some cases. The screws in the hinges can sometimes be stripped as well, which makes your screwdriver useless. A last resort is to simply use your hammer to pry the old hinge off the door (screws and all). Be careful though, it’s easy to damage the wood if you rip your hinge out with a hammer. It’s also easy to cause injury to yourself.

Door Knobs –

Replacing door knobs can be challenging too. Mostly, it just takes a little patience though. All you normally need is a screwdriver or a hex key. Again, you may want to take the door knob with you to the hardware store. The cost of your new door knob will vary depending on the brand and the type of door knob you purchase. Expect to pay around ten dollars for a basic doorknob. Your new door knob should come with some instructions and a few tools. These tools are usually made up of some screws, a hex key, and a device that will aid you in installing certain parts of the door knob. And don’t forget that screwdriver.

Door Stop –

A door stop does just what the name implies. It stops doors from hitting the wall; thus, preventing damage to your door and wall. To replace a door stop, you simply unscrew it and then screw in your new one. It’s that easy. Door stops usually only cost a dollar or two, but some are more expensive than others. Still, it’s a simple and cheap fix. If you have problems removing your old door stop, then you may want to use a wrench to twist it free.

Spackle –

Spackle is an easy way to repair small cracks that occur in the walls of your home. And better yet, it’s cheap. You can find some simple white Spackle at Walmart for around a dollar. To use Spackle, you first need to scoop some of it up with your fingers. After this, you will then apply it to small cracks that are forming in your walls. Let it dry for a day or so, and then you can paint over it if you like.

All of these small problems can really add up after a while, which makes repairing them a must. Fortunately, this type of home maintenance is a relatively cheap and easy way to enhance your home. Just make sure you’re prepared for it.

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