Home Improvement: How to Install Shower Tiles

It is not complicated to install shower tiles in your bathroom. It can be time consuming and at times frustrating but you will really like the new look to your bathroom. Also, you can increase your home’s value by adding shower tiles. Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you with your new installation of shower tiles.

Install Shower Tiles Tip #1: Self Adhesive Tiles

When you are installing tiles on the floor or a counter, they are all flat. This is completely different with a shower though. All of the tiles are on the wall. Gravity works against you when you are trying to install shower tiles.

One way to help you with the gravity problem is the new self adhesive tiles. This keeps the tiles stuck to the wall surface so that you do not have to worry about slippage or the shower tiles completely falling off of the wall.

Install Shower Tiles Tip #2: Masking Tape

Another handy trick to use for installing shower tiles is masking tape. The masking tape that is called painter’s tape works the best. As you place each self adhesive tile on the wall, you need to masking tape down the tile. This will also prevent the gravity problem of slippage and shower tiles falling off of the wall.

When you are done with the wall and ready to add grout, you can remove the masking tape. If you got the painter’s tape, you shouldn’t have to worry about the tiles being ruined. You can use a blade between the tiles to cut the tape. You will be filling in that area with grout anyway so any little bit of tape there won’t really matter.

Install Shower Tiles Tip #3: Waterproof Wall

You will be surprised at how many people think that any wall in the bathroom is fine to place shower tiles on. It is imperative that you make certain that your shower wall is the waterproof sheet rock.

If you tile on top of a non-waterproof wall there will be water vapors between the tile and the wall. The entire wall will be covered in mildew and mold before long. Also, it will become soggy and fall on you. That would be horrible!

Follow these tips for installing tile in your shower and the job should be quicker and easier for you. Plus you will have a tile job that will stay up for many, many years.

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