Home Security: Cheap and Inexpensive Tips

When thieves target your home for a break in, they look for two things: Easy access through a door or window and easy targets. Forced entry is not the most common way into your home. Thieves look to gain easy access through easy to open doors and windows. More than half of burglars take place between 8 am and 5 pm. Most are made through unlocked doors. Listed in this article are some common home security mistakes that you can fix with simple preventive measures.

Replace the strike plate screws in your doors. Most screws are barley ¾ inch long. Insert screws that penetrate into the framing of the walls.

Door chains are easily kicked off the door. Always use a deadbolt.

Unchanged garage doors are easily opened. Randomly reset transmitters on garage door openers and receivers often.

A dark house is a sure sign your not home. Install motion detectors around your home. Turn on lights when your not home, or use a timer to turn them randomly on through out your home.

Weak window locks are an invitation for crooks. Use strong locks, or cut a length of wood to install in the window sash to prevent opening them from the outside.

Doors and windows that are covered with bushes or trees are a good spot for thieves to conceal themselves when breaking into your home. Trim shrubs and other plants back from these areas.

Don’t leave tools like ladders outside your home. These are some of the things a thief can use to break in to your home.

Sliding glass door are one of the easiest way a potential burglar can use to gain entry into your home. Place a length of wood along the bottom track to prevent it from being slid open from the outside. Also you can pull a few of the screws loose along the top track of your sliding glass door. Leaves the heads exposed so the door can’t be pulled off the track from the outside.

Some of the most effective uses in preventing a burglar from entering your home are the cheapest and easiest to do. Don’t leave packages unattended for long periods if you’re away. Have a neighbor get them for you. Cancel the newspaper when you leave for extended periods.

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