Home Security Trends Focus on Innovation

Home security systems continue to evolve, and a recent article from the Boston Globe highlights the innovations. In an interview with Paul Apkarian, the Boston Globe reveals how the industry has changed over the years. As expenses have been reduced, installation has become easier, and new technology has improved the process.

The Boston Globe focuses on home security trends that have made the installation process more affordable for homeowners. More people are choosing wireless systems, and SafeMart, a company that offers home security and automation services, features this concept in a recent blog. Homeowners are recognizing that wireless systems provide better protection than wired systems because they cannot be harmed by cutting phone lines. It points out that most systems being installed today are wireless.

New technology has made home security more approachable. Apkarian explains, “You can be hundreds of miles away and use your iPhone to view what’s going on in your home, activate the security system if you forgot to do so before leaving, change the thermostat temperatures. The technology is fun and fascinating.” It is this variety that has made shopping for security a more interesting process for homeowners. For example, SafeMart explains that there are a variety of accessories that homeowners can use to customize their systems in addition to choosing between wired and wireless installations. Motion detectors, glass breakage sensors, sirens and panic switches are just a small sample of how owners are making home security more personalized.

There is also a movement of integrating home security with home automation by installing technology that can do multiple processes. Homeowners enjoy the flexibility of being able to control their houses from remote locations while being able to monitor everything that is happening. Companies point out that people are often relying on their smartphones or tablets to control the processes. The remote access gives homeowners a better sense of security and peace of mind as they feel more control.

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