Homemade Air Fresheners Using Vinegar

The problem with many commercial air fresheners is that they don’t eliminate odors. Instead, they try to mask them. In most cases, the air freshener scent eventually fades, leaving behind the unpleasant odor. Or, even worse, the air freshener scene mixes with the odor. So where, before, your house smelled like onions, now your house smells like onions mixed with spring flowers.

It’s possible to find commercial air fresheners and air freshening systems that actually do eliminate unpleasant odors. But they often cost a pretty penny.

Common white vinegar should be a part of every housecleaning kit. Not only is it a true, multi-purpose cleaner, it’s an excellent ingredient in homemade air fresheners. Not only will homemade air fresheners using vinegar eliminate odors, but they are much less expensive than commercial air fresheners.

Here are some homemade air fresheners using vinegar.

Basic Homemade Air Freshener Spray Using Vinegar

This will make an excellent replacement for many of the commercial air fresheners in your cleaning closet. Start with an empty spritzer bottle, which you can find at most discount stores. In the bottle, combine one part white vinegar with five parts water. Spray this mixture into the air, averting your eyes to keep the mixture from getting into your eyes. As the vinegar evaporates, the unpleasant odors in the air will evaporate right along with it.

For tougher jobs, you might want to use a homemade air freshener that consists of one part vinegar with one part water.

No-Nonsense Homemade Air Freshener Using Vinegar

If you don’t have an empty spritzer bottle handy, simple pour some white vinegar, undiluted, into one or two bowls, depending on the size of the room. Set the bowls in the room with the offensive smell, making sure they’re out of the reach of children.

It might take a few hours to notice the effects, but it’s worth the wait, especially if you’re trying to get rid of tobacco smoke odor.

If you’re worried about the bowls of vinegar spilling, place four or five cotton balls soaked with white vinegar in the bowls instead.

Stove-Top Homemade Air Freshener

To battle offensive cooking odors, try this. Fill a pot with water. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every cup of water in the pot. Heat the water on the stove on a low to medium setting. After half an hour or so, remove the pot from the stove. As the smell of vinegar fades, so will the fish, cabbage, or onion smell you’re trying to get rid of.

Another Odor Eliminator Using Vinegar

Vinegar works great as a homemade air freshener. But you can use it to remove unpleasant odors from your hands, to. For example, after cutting onions, pour some white vinegar on your hands. Rub your hands together, then rinse and dry. Your hands will be left smelling clean and onion-free.

Homemade air fresheners using vinegar are inexpensive, effective, and can be safer than some commercial air fresheners. You can buy a large bottle of white vinegar for very little money, and use it to keep your house smelling clean and fresh for months.

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