Homemade Body Sugar for Quick Hair Removal

One of the earliest methods of hair removal was used by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. Historical records tell us that Cleopatra met with her handmaidens once a month for a hair removal session. Sugar, oil, and lime juice were mixed together to make the first known “Body Sugar.” Just like the famous ruler made her own hair removing concoction, you too can save money and make your own homemade body sugar for quick hair removal.

There are several methods available today to remove hair from your body. Electrolysis is the only permanent method. All the remaining methods- shaving, waxing, plucking, using depilatories, sugaring, et cetera, are all temporary modes.

“Sugaring”, which is the practice of using a sugar mixture, doesn’t need to be done as often as shaving does. That’s one big advantage. “Sugaring” is also less dangerous than shaving. You can use homemade body sugar to remove hair from anywhere on your body. However, using body sugar takes more time than conventional shaving. And, it’s a bit more painful.

To make your own homemade body sugar, you’ll only need a few inexpensive ingredients. You’ll need one cup of white sugar, one quarter cup honey, and one ounce of lemon juice. You can add a bit of molasses if you have any on hand, just to make the mixture stickier. But it’s not necessary.

Place all of the ingredients in a small microwave-safe bowl. Mix them around a little bit, though it’s going to be hard right now. Then, microwave the mixture on high for a couple minutes. Remove the bowl with pot holders-it’s going to be hot- and stir it well. If it’s smooth, it’s ready to use. If it’s not, microwave it for another 30 to sixty seconds. Remove it from the microwave oven and allow it to cool a bit. The body sugar mixture should be warm, but not burning hot when you use it.

To use your homemade body sugar for quick hair removal, you’ll need some popsicle sticks, or small, plastic spatulas. You’ll also need some strips of cotton or muslin material. Old bedsheets work well for this purpose. Strips that measure approximately three inches wide and are a foot long seem to work the best.

Now, to remove the hair on your legs, underarms, et cetera, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Then, use a popsicle stick or spatula to spread a thin layer of the body sugar onto the area. Place a strip of the cotton or muslin material over the body sugar so it’s completely covered. Use your hand and rub the material upwards. Do this a couple times to press the cotton into the sugar mixture.

You’re now ready to quickly remove the hair. Take hold of one end of the cotton material. Then, pull it up and off of your skin in one quick yank. Since you’re taking the hair out by its roots, this process is going to sting a little. But, the stinging only lasts a minute.

Continue the hair removal process using your homemade body sugar until you have removed all of the hair you desire. You can reuse the strips of cotton or muslin material several times until they don’t work well. Then, pitch the used one and use a new piece. As the body sugar cools down even more, it may get a bit thick. If it does, then microwave it for another thirty seconds.

After you’re done using your homemade body sugar, you should wash any residue off your skin with warm, soapy water. Apply a good moisturizer to your skin to help replenish the lost oil and soothe the irritation.

The best way to store the leftover body sugar is to keep in a sealed microwave-safe bowl or other container. That way, you can pop it in the microwave when you’re ready to use it again. You don’t need to refrigerate it. It will stay good for a long time.

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