Homemade Halloween Costumes for Wheelchair Users

Life in a wheelchair limits you in many ways, but it doesn’t have to limit your Halloween costume. There are tons of homemade Halloween costumes wheelchair riders can make to enjoy the day. Be careful when creating any costume that your costume does not prevent your movement in your chair, and you don’t have any costume elements that might get tangled in your wheelchair wheels.

Most any costume can be turned into a costume for wheelchair users. Here are a few costumes however that not only work for people who are in a wheelchair, but incorporate the wheelchair into the costume. Use these costume ideas as a base to create some of your own as well.

TV News Host Wheelchair Costume

Be a TV star for a night by making yourself into a television news star. Create a news desk out of a cardboard box and attach it to the front of your chair. Be sure to put a logo for your television news station on the front of the desk so people will know what you are. Big hair is a must for this costume, as well as suit jacket.

King or Queen Wheelchair Costume

Every King and Queen needs a throne. Turn your wheelchair into a throne by adding some silver painted pillars to the top of it, or extending the back well above your head. This can be done by using a large piece of cardboard painted gold or silver. For an extra special effect add fake plastic gems or glitter to the cardboard to give it a regal glow. Make sure you look as good as your chair by making yourself a crown, as well as dressing regally.

Santa Wheelchair Costume

Christmas can come in October this year in your town. Most kids know Santa by his mall appearance every holiday season. Dress up in a Santa outfit and extend the back of your chair like in the King/Queen throne. Carry around presents, or a bag full of candy as an extra special Halloween accessory.

Truck Wheelchair Costume

You’ve already got wheels, why not use them? Get a large rectangular cardboard box and paint it a uniform color for the body of the truck. Attach a smaller box to the front in order to make a windshield. Contact paper. Depending of the type of wheelchair you have you may want to decorate your existing wheels to look like vehicle wheels or cover them up with the box and create your own custom wheels. This costume can be very difficult to get around in so you may need help getting it to where ever your going and put it on once you arrive.

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