Homemade Lemon Grinder Cleaner

In this home, I use blenders, grinders and puree machines often to make all sorts of whole food snacks and beverages. However, getting the blades inside these machines clean can be a difficult task with just hot soapy water and a good sponge. To get the blades clean in the machines I make and use a homemade lemon grinder cleaner. It helps polish the blades in the kitchen appliance machines so they stay sharp and clean instead of dirty and clogged up with old food particles.

Useful Ingredients for Making the Lemon Grinder Cleaner

The ingredients I use to make my lemon grinder cleaner are two cups of coarse sea salt, a cup of baking soda, fifteen drops of lemon essential oil, cup of mineral oil and a forth cup of liquid castile soap. The reason I use these ingredients is that the baking soda and sea salt are gritty and can grip and scrub the blades of these machines while the oil and soap helps cleanse and polish them. Now, you can find these ingredients at the grocery store or even hardware store if you do decide you want to make this cleaner.

Making the Cleaner

To make the lemon grinder cleaner I simply carefully measure out all the ingredients and pour them into a large wide mouth mason jar. After, I take a spoon and combine the ingredients together well until I have a thick gritty lemony scented grinder cleaner. Then, I go ahead and use some of it to clean my blenders, puree machines and grinders. If you do not want to use the cleaner right away, just put a lid on the jar and store the cleaner in a cool dry place until you are ready to do so.

Using the Cleaner

Whenever I need to clean the blades inside my blender, coffee grinder or puree machine, I scoop a forth cup of the cleaner into the machine with a few tablespoons of water and turn them on high speed for thirty second to help clean the blades well. After, I rinse the machine and blades out with warm water and set them on a towel to dry. Once that is done, I simply put the clean machines and cleaner away until I need to use them again. You can use the cleaner as much as you need too in order to help keep your blenders, grinders and puree kitchen appliances clean.

Now, you can also use the lemon grinder cleaner on stainless steal sinks to get them clean and shiny and in toilet bowls to help scrub them clean. I even like using the cleaner to help clean the tile in my showering area. It also works well for polishing silverware too.

End Lines

The next time you are looking for a naturally green way to clean the blades inside your kitchen appliances just make up some of the lemon grinder cleaner and try it. I know it works for the members in my family and me when we want to get out blenders, grinders and puree machines squeaky clean naturally.

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