Homemade Preservative for Cut Flowers

If you’ve ever received a bouquet of cut flowers from the florist, you’re probably aware of the little packages of preservative that some florists provide with the cut flowers they sell. These little packets of preservative can help extend the life of cut flowers considerably, and considering the expense of cut flowers, this ready-made preservative is a wonderful bonus.

Many people enjoy cut flowers, but keep in mind, you don’t have to buy fresh flowers from a florist, or preservative from a store in order to keep your cut flowers looking as fresh as the day they were picked. Anyone can extend the life of cut flowers with homemade flower preservative. Homemade preservative is easy to make, and this simple mixture can greatly extend the life of cut flowers picked fresh from your flowerbed or garden.

Consider the following homemade preservative next time you bring in a bouquet of cut flowers from your flowerbed or garden. Your fresh flowers will remain looking bright and beautiful for days.

Preservative Ingredients

To make preservative that will keep your cut flowers looking freshly picked, combine one quart of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, one teaspoon of mouthwash, and about four drops of dishwashing liquid. This might sound like an odd combination, but this homemade preservative works exceptionally well to extend the life of freshly cut flowers.

Flower and Vase Preparation

It’s important to use a clean vase for best results. Wash your chosen vase with hot water and soap, and rinse the vase thoroughly before cutting your flowers. Doing so will ensure the vase is free of dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria that can shorten the life of fresh flowers.

Before you place freshly cut flowers in a vase of water and preservative, it’s important to remove an additional inch and a half of stem so the flowers can properly absorb the water they require. A dull knife or a scissors will damage the stems during the cutting process, so make the final cut with a very sharp knife, and make the cut diagonally under lukewarm running water.

Displaying Cut Flowers

Heat will cause fresh flowers to wilt and die prematurely, so if you want your fresh flowers to last as long as possible, store them in a cool location out of direct sunlight until you are ready to put them on display. Fresh flowers are best kept in temperatures ranging between forty and fifty degrees. A cool basement or breezeway is ideal for storing and preserving freshly cut flowers.

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