Homemade Rust Remover

My mom and I have always been avid fans of home remedies for many things. She used to make this liquid mixture that was a flower preservative for cut flowers and it even seemed to bring life back to many of the sagging ones.

Thus, when I read that an article about homemade rust remover was wanted, I thought it would be a great article to write. It is true that we’ve never made any homemade rust removers, but I figured that I could easily find some information on the Internet and see what people thought about it. It also might job my memory if we had ever used homemade rust remover.

I don’t know why we wouldn’t have used some homemade rust remover because when I was young, I always swang on rusty swing sets. It seems there was something my parents applied to some swings and toys, but I do not remember if it was homemade rust remover or something that was bought from a store.

Of course, there is the legend that Coca Cola will remove rust. For small objects, it is often stated to let the object soak in the Coca Cola. For larger objects, it is said to saturate an abrasive sponge in Coca Cola and then scrub the rusted part with the sponge. It is said that the phosphoric acid will remove the rust.

Now, I know my mother never made any home remedy with Coca Cola. While the phosphoric acid may remove rust, it is a no brainer that Coca Cola also has plenty of water and sugar. So, people would not want to use Coca Cola as a homemade rust remover (plus, it’s not really “homemade,” is it?) Another household item that is said to remove rust is white distilled vinegar.

The reasons that these do work, though, is because they are acids. Acids remove rust well. Lemon juice also removes rust. A mixture of lemon juice and white distilled vinegar that is scrubbed on rust is going to remove the rust.

My dad is a chemist, so he would say to get something that is an acid. Now that I think of it, we did often use lemon juice or vinegar. He had said that the combination of lemon juice and distilled white vinegar would not be harmful and would make a good homemade rust remover.

We have never had to make a homemade rust remover for clothes. Some people say to just use the acid and to make sure that this is applied to the stain and then that the clothes are washed well. It would seem that this would be a good homemade rust remover for rust stains.

Here are some tips for removing rust from clothes and material from other people. I have not tested these tips.

Boil rhubarb in water until it comes to a rolling boil. Turn the stove off and let the rhubarb and water sit for ten (10) minutes. Strain the mixture and throw out the rhubarb. Let the material soak in the water mixture somewhere between and hour and overnight depending on the size of the stain. Wash the material as usual.

Rub the rust stain with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Place the material out in the sun so the rust stain faces the sun. Keep checking on the stain and applying the lemon juice and salt mixture if it ever gets dry. It should eventually be gone. Then wash the material.

Hopefully this gave you some useful information about a homemade rust remover.

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