Homemade Sachets

Homemade sachets filled with rich vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, rose petals, and other delightfully fragrant items smell heavenly, and sachets can be tossed into dresser drawers, cupboards, and storage boxes to keep the contents smelling fresh and clean. Sachets are a great addition to any room or storage area, and homemade sachets make great gifts by themselves or included in a gift basket to celebrate any occasion.

You can make your own wonderfully scented sachets, and you can create homemade sachets for a fraction of the cost of store-bought sachets. Best of all, you can add contents of your choice to create your own favorite scents, and designs. Consider making the following homemade sachets for yourself or someone you love. Sachets are sweet-scented gifts that keep on giving.

Sachet Contents and Scents

Essential oils come in almost every euphonious scent imaginable, and essential oils provide a wide range of choices when creating homemade sachets. To create your own scent combinations, simply choose essential oils of your choice, and sprinkle several drops on white pine shavings. You can find plain white pine shaving in the pet supply section of most discount stores. Toss the pine shavings to distribute and combine the oils, and enclose them in a homemade sachet cover.

Do you like the spicy scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves? Cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, and whole cloves are a great combination, and they are outstanding in homemade sachets. Simply combine these ingredients, and enclose them with sachet material of your choice. Toss finished sachets into a decorative bowl or drawer, and enjoy the spicy fragrance.

Do you like the scent of cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon? If you like this combination, blend dried cherries, dried vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks. If the dried cherries have lost some of their zing, apply a few drops of cherry scented essential oil. Combine the ingredients, and enclose them in a homemade sachet cover.

Are flowery fragrances your preference? If you have fragrant roses or other fragrant flowers in your garden, harvest the petals and save them for homemade sachets. Place the petals in a dark, dry location, and after the petals are completely dry, include them in a homemade sachet. If the petals aren’t quite as fragrant as you like, sprinkle flower-scented essential oil on pine shavings and include them in the mix. Experiment will various scent combinations to create your favorite flowery fragrances. You’ll be surprised at the lovely scents you can create.

Sachet Ties

Sachet ties can be made from strips of leather, narrow satin ribbon, curling ribbon, paper twist, or any other tie material you can dream up. Use your imagination and creativity to make ties that will complete your homemade sachets.

Coffee Filter Sachets

Coffee filters make perfect sachets. Coffee filters are thin, which enables the fragrance to permeate the paper, and coffee filters are extremely cheap. Simply fill the center of a coffee filter with fragrant contents of your choice, twist the top, and tie it with a homemade sachet tie. No one will ever guess your simple sachet was made with a coffee filter.

Lace Sachets

Lace material makes beautiful sachets. Whether you choose colored lace or white lace, this is the type of sachet you’ll want to display. Cut a circle of lace about six inches in diameter, and fill the center of the circle with fragrant sachet contents of your choice. Tie the top with a pretty ribbon, and your sachet is complete. Make several lace sachets, and fill a decorative bowl to infuse a room with fragrance.

Netted Sachets

Netting makes wonderful sachet material, and netting is available in many different colors. Make a circle of netting approximately six inches in diameter, and fill the circle with your favorite homemade sachet ingredients. Tie the top with narrow lace, satin ribbon, or whatever you choose, and enjoy the delightful scent of your homemade sachet.

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