Homemade Windmills Provide Free Electricity

Let’s face it, the rising cost of living is getting out of hand and now more than ever is the time to consider alternative energy sources. One way of saving money every month that is quickly catching on is home windmills. A homemade windmill can easily create enough free electricity to slash your electric bill in half (or even eliminate it altogether is you build more than one.) The great thing about homemade windmills is that they are suprisingly easy to build and are well within reach of the “average” person with basic building skills. Is this a realisitc option for you? Let’s find out more…

Of course the concept of creating free electricity sounds great, but there are a few things to consider before jumping into this project.

Obviously wind is a free resource and this is very appealing. However, wind can also be unpredictable and inconsistent. Evaluate your area and see if there are consistent wind flows. With consistent wind flows, a 1000 Watt windmill can work very effieciently.

There are some other issues to consider:

– Windmills do create a certain degree of low-level noise. Most people don’t mind this, but others find it annoying.

– There is very little environmental impact created by windmills, but birds are know to sometimes fly into the rotor blades as they can be attracted to the updrafts created.

However, given the tremendous benefits of homemade windmill, the down sides are probably minimal to most people. Not only are you creating free energy, but you’re also doing your part to protect the environment by cutting down on pollution.

Some people may be very interested in creating free electricity with their own windmill, but are worried that their construction skill may not be up to par. If you have “average” construction skill and have a basic knowledge of power tools and can follow instuctions, then you definitely have the skills to succeed with this project.

Most of the materials can be found in local junk yards for under $200. For instance, you’ll need a small DC motor which can be found in old washing machines, sewing machines or treadmills for around $30 – $40 in a scrap yard.

If you don’t want to scout around the junk yards for materials you can always buy a pre-manufactured windmill kit. Just keep in mind one of these can run you around a grand.

Does this sound like something you want to do? The next step is to get your hands on a good set of instructions. Don’t make this over complicated… it’s not exactly rocket science. Find some instructions that are written by an expert on this subject and make sure everything is layed out step-by-step layman’s terms. It may be worth it to spend a few dollars on a professional instruction guide rather than downloading some free instructions off the internet.

Follow these general guidelines and before you know it you can have your own home windmill and be enjoying free electricity for many years to come!

So how do you find a windmill construction guide that is practical and realistic for the “average” person? After sorting through dozens of confusing and vague guides, I’ve chosen what I believe are your 3 best options. Check out Make Your Own Windmill to read my reviews. Most of these windmills can easily be built using common materials that cost under $200.

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