Homeschooling Away from Home

As many of the homeschool naysayer’s state, being at home all day might cause child to be withdrawn and have trouble socializing. It is a good thing that few homeschoolers actually stay home all day. Here is a sampling of some of the many places that homeschooled children might visit during the day:

Homeschooling away from home at the library: Just today, we packed up our laptops, grabbed the library books we had finished reading, and headed for the library. We had a wonderful lunch first, at the local soda shop, then spent the next few hours doing school work and then looking for new books to read. We like homeschooling at the library because it eliminates the distractions of home. There are no chores to do, no dogs to be distracted by, and no dishes for me to wash or laundry to fold. We can sit down together and get more lessons done with fewer distractions. The best part is that we are usually not the only homeschoolers at the library, so there is plenty of opportunity for “socialization”.

Homeschooling away from home at local classes: My children have taken “homeschool” classes all over the city. They have taken TaeKwonDo, Fencing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing workshops, music lessons, and swimming in classes with other homeschoolers. There is not big mystery about these classes. They are usually once a week, and are run and graded in the same was as if the kids were in traditional schools.

Homeschooling away from home at the park: On nice days, it is a shame to spend the morning locked away from the sun entrenched in a book. Still, “school” work needs to be done. Instead of missing one or the other, we take the books with us to the park or just to the front porch and do our work there.

Homeschooling away from home at restaurants and coffee shops: For a nice change of pace, we like to homeschool at restaurants and coffee shops that have internet connections. We sip on hot chocolate and tea while doing schoolwork, relaxing and even people watching. Of course, adults want to know why the children are not in school. This often results in the other person getting an education on the importance of education and the benefits of homeschooling.

Homeschooling away from home on vacation: We like to take our computers with us on vacation and continue doing our schoolwork every morning as usual. It only takes a few hours and leaves plenty of time in the day for fun and games. We can do our work in the car, on the beach, or in hotels. When homeschooling, there is never a good reason to stop learning.

It is no wonder I see so many bumper stickers that say, “Why do we call it homeschooling when we are always in the car?” Homeschooling does not have to be boring. It does not have to be routine. In fact, anything besides routine will do.

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